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Flower in the snow...

Hubert Kah is a German trio formed in the early 80s and composed of Hubert Kemmler, Markus Löhr and Klaus Hirschburger.

Little information about them except that they became known from 1982 with titles like "Rosemarie" and "Einmal Nur Mit Erika ... (Dieser Welt Entfliehn)".

But it is especially the collaboration from 1984 with Michael Cretu which will propel them to the front of the international scene.

Fruitful collaboration which will bring in particular the successful albums "Tensongs" in 1986 and "Sound of my heart" in 1989.

Followed seven years later in 1996 by an eponymous album with a revamped version of the group.

Album which contains in particular the magnificent "Flower in the snow".

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Rosemarie 1982

• Einmal nur mit Erika 1983

• Angel 07 1984

• Solo tu 1984

• Limousine 1986

• Something i should know 1986

• Love is so sensible 1986

• Under my skin 1986

• Lonesome cowboy 1986

• Military drums 1987

• Welcolme, machine gun 1989

• So many people 1989

90s Decade :

• (It’s me), Cathy (Follow my heart) 1990

• The picture 1990

• C'est la vie 1995

• Flower in the snow 1996

• Sailing 1996

• Love chain...(Maria) 1998

2000s Decade :

• No rain 2005

• Psycho radio 2005

• Sekunden 2005

2010s Decade :

• Niemand ist wie du 2016

• Parfum diener liebe 2016


Tracks :

1982 ... the beginnings very local color. We will have to give them a little time to grow and especially to switch to English to hope to break into the International ...

1983 ... an obvious qualitative development. There is no longer a second doubt that the continuation can not be up to par ...

1984 ... and the rest of the story, here it is. The group has finally switched to English and the difference in style is noticeable. This time, the machine is beautiful and well launched !

1984 ... and the difference is obvious between the Hubert Kah German version and the Hubert Kah Anglo-Saxon version. It necessarily sounds better internationally !

1986 ... musical mastery is more and more evident. The talent of the group is confirmed piece by piece and inexorably brings the latter closer to the big leagues. Good job as they say !

1986 ... a group which will never reach planetary consecration but which will never have deserved, it's clear. New proof with this title !

1986 ... good, good and only good. Another title with obvious quality. The group is at cruising speed now and is progressing impressively ...

1986 ... which will undoubtedly remain one of their most beautiful titles. It will not be released as a single, but this absolutely sumptuous Intimist title would really have deserved to be revealed. MA-GIC !

1986 ... an exceptional year in all respects which sees the group inspired as never before. All the titles that come out are of Premium quality and allow the group to show the best of himself !

1987 ... 100 % Made in Cretu, the tube maker. A new dimension is now opening up and offers obvious new perspectives to the group ...

1989 ... in the same vein. A end of decade on the hats of wheel and 1000 % Dance. The group is at the top of its possibilities, it's clear !

1989 ... come on, a last title, once again of quality, to end the decade in apotheosis. A decade that will have seen the birth and explosion of a group that should have had much higher recognition than it was ...

1990 ... we start on more or less the same basis to start the next decade. With as a luxury singer on this title a certain Sandra, just that !

1990 ... one would have thought that the 1990s would be unfavorable to the group, to say the least. What neni ! The group is inspired like never before and it shows. Especially it can be heard !

1995 ... here they are in Enigma mode, Michael Cretu obliges ! Whatever the mode, the result is always up to par. Once again the proof !

1996 ... but that's without counting on the WONDER. A title with an extraordinary inspiration, which literally floats in the air and which once again proves the extreme talent of this group. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1996 ... an end of adventure that rhymes once again with a great caliber ballad. What better way to end in style !

1998 ... the end of the decade in full control and which sees the group maintain a certain level of quality. The adventure will continue for the next decade. A decade which will indeed be the last for the group ...

2005 ... certainly, the group will not produce much during this decade 2000 but they still manage to amaze us by the quality of what they continue to offer. What talent !

2005...certainly they will not produce much but they are still there, which is already a performance somewhere. Because few groups of the 80s will have succeeded in reaching this famous decade of 2000...

2005...we will only see them once during this 2000 decade but their only visit will not have been without interest, that's for sure. We'll be happy no matter what...

2016...and here they are again, who would have thought tant possible ? What is certain is that they make it a point of obvious honor to come back at least once during each decade...

2016... so we imagine that this title will surely not be the last. We will make an appointment now with them for the next decade...


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