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Flouted love ... dirty love ...

Soft Cell is an English group composed by a duo in which we find Marc Almond, singer and Dave Ball, composer. Their association was born in 1979 at the Art School in Leeds where they gave their first concerts, reciting poems, showing films and slides, sometimes totally out of date ! They will be spotted by Stevo from "Some Bizzare". Their 1st recording is released on the compilation "Some Bizarre Album" ... which also features the 1st title of another unknown group ... namely Depeche Mode! It was in 1981 that everything accelerated when Mute Records released the single "Memorabilia" which brought them from the shadows to the light. Who is considered today as the forerunner of the current House music ... But it is especially the cult "Tainted love" (in truth a cover of Gloria Jones) which comes out the same year and which will literally propel them into the firmaments of planetary hits, ranking them N ° 1 in 17 countries. This title being considered today as one of the 10 most important titles of the decade 80, as well by its incredible sound for the time as by its atypical rhythm. 1982 will see the release of the single "Say hello wave goodbye", of good quality but which will not know the success of "Tainted love", as it is impossible to compete with such a "jewel". The group will separate in 1984 and Marc Almond will follow a solo career without great success in the end.

The group will rise from its ashes thereafter but will never find the incredible level of success that he will have known in the middle of the 80s... To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• L.O.V.E. feelings 1980

The girl with the patent leather face 1980

• Memorabilia 1981

• Tainted love 1981

• Where did our love go ? 1981

• Bedsitter 1981

• Say hello wave goodbye 1982

• Torch 1982

• What ! 1982

• It's a mugs game 1982

• Where the heart is 1982

• Numbers 1983

• Heat 1983

• Soul inside 1983

• Down in the subway 1984

• Monoculture 2002

• The night 2002

• Last chance 2002

• Northern lights 2018

• Guilty ('Cos I say you are) 2018

• Bruises on all my illusions 2021

• Heart like Tchernobyl 2022

• Purple zone 2022

• I'm not a friend of god 2022

• Happy happy happy 2022


Clips :

1980 ... at the beginning of the origin of the genesis. The first steps of a small group which will later produce one of the biggest Dance hits of all time !'s hard to imagine at this stage the incredible sequel that lies ahead for the group. But you have to start well one day as they say...

1981...the first 'little' hit. Well, that's for sure, there's still work to be done. But the best is yet to come and what's to come will surpass anything we could imagine in terms of planetary success...

1981 ... then suddenly comes the interstellar and transgenerational tube which will remain as the group's masterpiece !! Undoubtedly one of the 10 biggest dance hits of the decade and of the 20th century. All on a luxury cover of the title of Gloria Jones dating from 1964. And yes, the version of Soft Cell is not an original ...

1981 ... after the luxury cover of Gloria Jones, here comes a second luxury cover this time from the Supremes. And it also works perfectly. Past Masters in the art of copying !

1981...a sequel of obvious quality but which cannot compete with an absolutely amazing 'Tainted love'. It must be said that the group has climbed so high that it will be impossible to repeat the feat twice, that's clear...

1982 ... an undeniable talent which makes it possible to produce pieces of great class. And with extraordinary inspiration. The proof with this piece ...

1982 ... 1981 was an exceptional year with 2 mega hits, including one legendary. 1982 will be almost as strong. Masters of the World !

1982 ... a strikethrough title, a look that is no less, not to mention a fully aware clip. Pure Softcelian delirium. But we also love them for that !

1982 ... a track that spins at 200 km/h and far, very far from their usual favorite universe. A little innovation does not harm, quite the contrary ...

1982 ... an exceptional year for the group which ends in beauty with this new little hit from behind the fagots...

1983 ... change of year and change of sound. Strikethrough before and ... strikethrough after, the only constant in the group

1983...a title that will only be released in North America, hence the most limited impact. Even downright no repercussions for that matter...

1983... come on, the king of Marcel offers us a last major title before bowing out. The level of success is plummeting and nothing, no one, or will be able to change anything now...

1984...ah, yes, there's still one left. Anyway, it is clear that the group has reached the end of its adventure. We therefore suspect that this title may be the last...

2002...when we thought we would never see them again, here they are back in this new decade 2000. Who would have thought that possible...?

2002... a return which will pass somewhat unnoticed but which shows all the same that the group may still have interesting things to show. Or at least sing...

2002... there is and there will always be talent in this group, that's for sure. Too bad the adventure came to an end in the mid-1980s because the group frankly deserved to go a little further during this blessed decade...

2018...we will lose sight of them for almost 16 years and here they are again ! They take time each time to reinvent themselves but they manage to do it anyway...

2018...despite all their efforts and their good will, they will not be able to get back in the race. It doesn't matter, as long as they enjoy doing what they do...

2021...they will even attempt the transition to the next decade. Not sure that this changes anything for a possible return to the Charts but they at least have the merit of believing in it a little bit... all those who started at the same time as them and managed to survive, they really amaze us with their ability 40 years later to come back the way they do. Respect as they say !

2022... an exceptional title not necessarily for the qualitative side but especially for the protagonists who are part of it. 2 of the gifted groups of this blessed 80s decade are gathered here and it is a real pleasure to see them push the song together ! still have to remember that they started their career in 1981 ! Who would have thought more than 40 years ago that they would still be there in 2022, not many people, that's for sure...

2022... so we imagine that this title will surely not be the last. Because with them, you have to know, nothing is ever over as long as there is hope...

Top Bonus : 2016... when Marc pushes the song with Valérie


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