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First there was Metropolis...

Strange Advance is a Canadian group formed in 1982 in Vancouver and composed of Drew Arnott, Darryl Kromm and Paul Iverson. Group which was originally called Metropolis but which will have to change its name after discovering a homonymous group in Germany.

They released a first album "Worlds away" still in 1982, album which will produce three first singles which will go relatively unnoticed. The fourth, named after the album, will finally allow the group in 1983 to achieve their first notorious success.

Success amplified two years later in 1985 with the release of the album "2WO", the band's flagship album and which will still produce the same year two huge singles "We run" and "The second that I saw you".

The supreme consecration arriving three years later in 1988 with the title "Love becomes electric", taken from the album "The distance between" which was released the same year, and which will remain as the biggest success of their entire discography.

Ultimate consecration because it will be the last album of the group and by necessity the last major success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • She controls me 1982

  • Kiss in the dark 1983

  • Love games 1983

  • Worlds away 1983

  • We run 1985

  • Running away 1985

  • The second that I saw you 1985

  • Love becomes electric 1988

  • Till the stars fall 1988

  • Hold you 1988

  • Way past midnight 2021

  • Perfect day 2021

  • In your mind 2021


Clips :

1982 ... the particularly successful beginnings of a group which does not look like much but with obvious talent. As the Canadians knew so well at that time ...

1983 ... admittedly, there is talent, but for the moment, no recognition. We will have to be a little more patient ...

1983 ... a sound perfectly in line with the trends of the moment and yet, the group is chasing its first notorious success. Who will not be long ...

1983 ... a BIG year with a plethora of titles and especially this one. THE title of recognition, finally. All on a perfectly calibrated and particularly inspired Intimist track. HU-GE !

1985 ... the group confirms year after year that it is not there by chance. A group that would have deserved a much higher recognition than it was like many Canadian groups ...

1985 ... a track which spins at the speed of light and which once again confirms that this small group has obvious know-how. And especially the most effective !

1985 ... for the 3 titles of 1985, only this one will be classified. In a style that we weren't used to seeing. Astonishing ...

1988 ... little air hole of 3 years and back in this year 1988 with a sound which has evolved somewhat. The set is still of high quality, but the level is no longer sufficient to remain in contact with the Great. Last notorious hit ...

1988 ... a particularly furtive comeback because it will be the last year of real activity for the group. A group which, on the whole, will have offered high quality work. Well done gentlemen !

2021... when we thought the case was definitely over, here they are back 33 years later ! A totally unexpected return that can only delight the basic fans who weren't expecting so much...

2021... especially since the quality is part of it, which doesn't spoil anything. Why the group disappeared for so long when he had the potential to return sooner, good question...

2021... hoping that this new opus calls for others ! We therefore hope that this return is not just a One-Shot and that the group will still have things to offer us later...


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