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First, the sound of music...

Then Jerico is an English band formed in the early 80s and composed of Mark Shaw, Jasper Stainthorpe, Steve Wren and Scott Taylor.

Their first single "The big sweep" was released in 1985. A highly regarded single.

A year later in 1986 the single “Muscle deep” was released which brought them their first major success. Followed in 1987 by another hit single with "The Motive". All of them taken from the album "First (The sound of music)" which was released shortly after and which in turn was a hit.

But it was with the single "Big area" which came out in 1988 and the album of the same name which came out some time later that they would reach the consecration and obtain their best places in the Charts.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The big sweep 1985

  • Fault 1985

  • Muscle deep 1986

  • Let her fall 1986

  • Prairie rose 1987

  • The motive (living without you) 1987

  • Big area 1988

  • What does it take 1989

  • Sugar box 1989

  • The happening 1989

  • Walking on glass 1998


Clips :

1985 ... quiet beginnings but which already shows that they are not amateurs, far from it. And the rest will prove it !

1985 ... a year to warm up and gain strength slowly, but surely !

1986 ... the work provided bears fruit and the result is inevitably affected. Better and better !

1986 ... their first ranked hit. The first but certainly not the last. The best is yet to come !

1987 ... a slight slump with this title which will somewhat miss the public. But it's backing up to jump better !

1987 ... then suddenly, the machine is racing. This time, finished the minor hits. There, it's big, massive hit !

1988 ... and what about that one. THE title that will remain as the most successful and the best ranked of all. HU-GE !

1989 ... difficult to compete with the previous year which will remain for them as the year of consecration. But they still have some under the pedal, that's clear !

1989 ... the last notorious hit. On a very smooth track. A mastered softness that shows all their versatility

1989 ... even if this title will not be classified, it would have been a shame to hide it. They will have been really good in all areas, as much in Dance as in the register 'With emotions' ...

1998...we will lose sight of them for almost 9 years and here they are again at the very end of the 90s. A return that will unfortunately go unnoticed to say the least...


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