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Fickle hearts...

Sniff ‘N’ The Tears is an English band formed in 1977 and composed of Paul Roberts, Loz Netto, Mick Dyche, Chris Birkin, Alan Fealdman and Luigi Salvoni.

A first single "New lines of love" was released a year later in 1978 but went almost unnoticed. It wasn't until 1979 and the album "Fickle Heart" that things started to accelerate in a impressive way. In particular thanks to the enormous single "Driver's seat", a single which will be a worldwide hit and which will surely remain as one of the most striking hits of the decade. A title that literally explodes the notoriety of the group overnight.

Despite the success of the album, the group partially imploded and it was therefore a new team that produced the album "The game’s up" in 1980. Album which did not know the success of its predecessor. Only the single "One love" will succeed.

His 1981 album "Love/action" won the favor of American audiences. But does not produce any major hits. Anything that comes out later will unfortunately go almost unnoticed.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • New lines on love 1978

  • Driver’s seat 1979

  • Poison pen mail 1980

  • One love 1980

  • That final love 1981

  • The driving beat 1981

  • Hungry eyes 1982


Clips :

1978 ... a very 70s start that does not bode well for the rest of the events. It's hard to imagine at this stage that the group will produce one of the biggest hits of the end of the 20th century ...

1979 ... then comes THIS title. An incredible title that will propel the group to the top of glory and fame and make him fit One Shot into the musical legend of this end of the century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... we wonder if it is the same group that produced the previous jewel as the transition is so fierce. A radical change of style from which the group will never recover ...

1980 ... well, there, it's a little better but the style of the group, like its inspiration, is really too out of step with its time to be able to hope to fight with the best ...

1981 ... the group adapts slowly but surely. But where is the stroke of genius of the late 1970s that they are so lacking today ...

1981 ... just as it was easy for them to negotiate the late 1970s, the early 1980s really seemed to pose real problems for them to bring them up to standard. It's nice but nothing more ...

1982 ... the years may pass, nothing really gets better. When you know the potential of the group at the start, it still looks like a big mess ...


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