Everything he does, he does it for you !

Bryan Adams is a Canadian singer-songwriter who started his musical career at the age of 15 with the group "Sweeney Todd". Group with which he will record the album "If wishes were horses".

In 1978, he met Jim Vallance, composer by trade and who allowed him to produce his first album. The album was released in 1980 and it was a success.

The second album "You want it you go it", released in 1981 and contains the title "Lonely nights" which quickly became a radio hit.

It was in 1983 that everything accelerated when the album "Cuts like a knife" came out which contained the mega hit "Straight from the heart", as well as two other minor hits such as "Cuts like a knife" and " This time ”.

The next album, called "Reckless", was released in 1984 and became a real hit, especially in the USA. There are the top hits "Somebody", "It’s only love", "Run to you" and "Summer of 69". To which we will add the mega hit “Heaven” which will remain the biggest success of this album.

After three years of successive world tours, the album "Into the fire" was released in 1987, from which the flagship singles "Heat of the night" and "Hearts on fire" would be extracted.

The final consecration came four years later in 1991 with the release of the album "Waking up the neighbors", which was a huge hit in continental Europe and Australia. Album containing the intergalactic hit "(Everything I do) I do it for you". Single made oh so famous by the soundtrack of the film "Robin Hood, Prince of thieves" with Kevin Costner.

Other albums will be released thereafter but without having the same success as the previous ones, which will not prevent Bryan Adams from remaining in the musical history of the 80s as the most gifted Canadian singer and having known the greatest number of hits during this decade.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Let me take your dancing 1978

• Give me your love 1980

• Hidin’ from love 1980

• Fits ya good 1981

• Lonely nights 1981

• Straight from the heart 1983

• Cuts like a knife 1983

• This time 1983

• I'm ready 1983

• Run to you 1984

• Somebody 1985

• Heaven 1985

• Summer of ’69 1985

• One night love affair 1985

• It’s only love 1985

• Christmas time 1985

• Heat of the night 1987

• Hearts on fire 1987

• Victim of love 1987

• (Everything I do) I do it for you 1991

• Can't stop this thing we started 1991

• There will never be another tonight 1991

• Thought I'd died and gone to heaven 1992

• All I want is you 1992

• Do I have to say the words ? 1992

• Please forgive me 1993

• All for love 1993

• Have you ever really loved a woman ? 1995

• The only things that looks good on me is you 1996

• Let's make a night to remember 1996

• Star 1996

• I finally found someone 1996

• 18 'til I die 1996

• Back to you 1997

• I'm ready 1998

• On a day like today 1998

• When you're gone 1998

• Cloud number 9 1999

• The best of me 1999

Clips :

1980 ... for a first title sung by the artist, the least we can say is that it is particularly successful. Very promising !

1980 ... a 1980 year of break-in and which shows above all an obvious potential. All that remains is to unroll and above all ramp up !

1981 ... a first top hit to launch a career which will prove to be one of the most brilliant of the 80s, but also of the 90s ...

1981 ... the "Adams" style is set up slowly but surely. What is certain is that will be rock, very rock ...

1983 ... a very versatile artist, he will prove himself as good in the very strong as in the much more Intimist side. The proof with this pretty ballad which allows him to obtain his first major hit

1983 ... sound quality that increases piece by piece. The hits begin to follow one another and we imagine that the best is yet to come ...

1983 ... an uninterrupted series of hits in 1983, a year that turned out to be truly exceptional for him. We couldn't dream of a better launching pad ...

1983 ... he signs here a new ballad of very large caliber, all on a background of Celtic inspiration. MA-GIC !

1984 ... but it is THIS title that will change everything and really reveal him in the eyes of the general public. His first big planetary hit. HU-GE !

1985 ... 1983 was an exceptional year...1985 will be even stronger. Yes, if, it is possible with the key an avalanche of very large caliber titles. Amazing !

1985 ... after the top hits, it's time for MEGA hits. We start with an Ultimate Slow where the gentle power of the artist does wonders

1985 ... the rock side takes over ... Hunt the natural it gallops. A title that hits the target again : new mega hit !

1985 ... it's rock, rock and rock. But once again a title with a certain inspiration and which works perfectly

1985 ... when 2 stars of the moment meet, what happens...? Obviously, something phew...! The proof with this title completely boosted !

1985 ... a year 1985 which ends in apotheosis with this special Christmas song. Even in this very specific register, he can do amazing things !

1987 ... after a white year 1986, back to basics in this new year : it must knock !

1987 ... in the same vein. As long as it works, there's no reason to change your style. But it is not necessarily this strong style that brings him the most, it's clear ...

1987 ... the tempo slows down again. Phew, that feels good ... A little sweetness cannot hurt ... quite the contrary

1991 ... new cut of several years. It becomes a habit ... And which allows him a literally shattering return with this WONDER. One of the most beautiful ballads of the decade, if not the last 30 years. An original soundtrack for a now cult film, namely "Robin Hood, prince of thieves" with Kevin Costner. MO-NU-MENT !

1991 ... a new decade that is taking off again ! New top mega hit, just to keep the pressure on ...

1991 ... a third mega hit to end an incredible new year for the artist. There are years with nothing and years with a multitude of huge titles. It's like that !

1992 ... change of vintage and restart on the wheel caps. An inspiration in perpetual boiling and constantly renewed !

1992 ... as much the end of the 1980s was laborious, as the beginning of the 90s is at least breathtaking. He literally walks on water, there is no other word !

1992 ... and we set out again in the Intimist. He now reaches a level of excellence in this area which makes him one of the best in the world ...

1993 ... his 2nd biggest planetary hit. Once again on a ballad of emotional wealth of very very large caliber. Like what, we can be a 'rocker' and have feelings ...

1993 ... look at this mind-blowing starry skewer. The 'Dream Team', there are no other possible qualifiers. And the result is necessarily up to par !

1995 ... new soundtrack this time for the film "Don Juan DeMarco" with Johnny Depp. And once again, it's the big success of the year !

1996 ... one would have thought that after an 80s decade at the top, the 90s would be one of decline. What a denial. And it's even quite the opposite !

1996 ... the alternation continues inexorably. One time he plays it heavy rock, one time he plays it ballad 'take out the handkerchiefs'. And it works...inexorably !

1996 ... a nice ballad in the stars which transports us into worlds of softness and finesse. What more !

1996 ... another exceptional year with a multitude of hits and above all this dream duo which once again brings together 2 huge stars for a sumptuous result

1996 ... a last hit to end the year in the best possible way. Well, this time, we put away the handkerchiefs and we take out the guitars. It couldn't go on like this indefinitely, that's for sure !

1997 ... and the years go by and nothing changes ... Always at the top, always as effective. A real war machine !

1998 ... a decade in the 90s that saw him garner even more mega hits than the 80s. This is extremely rare for an artist who started his career at the end of the 70s !

1998 ... 20 years after its beginnings, still there the guy ! It's not beautiful ! And surely not there by chance, that's for sure !

1998 ... new spicy duo this time with one of the Spice Girls, just that. Good pick because she is surely the most rock of the 5. The result is therefore up to par !

1999 ... impossible to stop it ... Another decade which ends in beauty by starting with a new planetary hit of big caliber

1999 ... this time, it is indeed the end ... of the decade for titles. But this is not the end of the adventure for the artist, far from it ...

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