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Every time she tried to say goodbye...

Cheryl Lynn, real name Lynda Cheryl Smith, is an American singer who began her artistic career in 1976 playing backing vocals in the musical The Wiz. Then by getting the role of Evillene thereafter still in the same show.

Her solo career began in 1978 after she signed with Columbia Records. Label which allows her to release a first Single "Got to be real". And for a first title, it is a real success since the title will make a real worldwide hit and launch the career of the young singer on the international scene in a sensational way.

Single followed shortly by an eponymous debut album which also became popular with the public the same year. Album which will produce another Single of big caliber a year later in 1979 with the title "Star love".

Also in 1979 released her second album "In love", album with less success and which will struggle to produce the least Single of global class.

New album "In the night" in 1981, album which will do a little better exclusively thanks to the Single "Shake it up tonight".

It was the turn of "Instant Love" to be released in 1982, an album that saw the singer continue to lose ground against the competition. And "Preppie" which comes out a year later in 1983 will do even worse but will be saved in extremis by the success of the Single "Encore" from which it will be extracted.

From 1985, all the albums which were released thereafter had only a limited level of success. Just like the Singles that will be extracted from it.

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Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

  • Got to be real 1978

  • Star love 1979

80s Decade :

  • I've got faith in you 1980

  • Keep it hot 1980

  • Shake it up tonight 1981

  • In the night 1981

  • Instant love 1982

  • If this world were mine 1982

  • Look before you leap 1983

  • Preppie 1983

  • Encore 1983

  • This time 1984

  • At last you're mine 1985

  • Fidelity 1985

  • Fade to black 1985

  • New dress 1987

  • If you were mine 1987

  • Everytime I try to say goodbye 1989

  • Whatever it takes 1989

90s Decade :

  • Guarantee for my heart 1995

  • Good time 1996


Tracks :

1978 ... an opening to say the least shattering ! The young singer immediately obtains the consecration with this enormous Single which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the 70s. With the key of course an exploding notoriety. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... admittedly it will be impossible for her to repeat the feat achieved on the previous title but this new title confirms that the enormous success met the previous year had nothing to do with chance

1980 ... it started so quickly and so high during the 1970s that it will be almost impossible for her to maintain such a high level of success. With the consequence of a beginning of dropping out at the beginning of the 1980s ...

1980 ... not only does she unscrew but she almost goes under the radar with this title. An inexplicable turnaround to say the least ...

1981 ... we suspected that with such potential this slight air hole was not going to last for years and years. Business therefore resumes with this title and de facto put her back in the race ...

1981 ... an improvement of short duration because here she is which relapses directly behind. It all becomes complicated and we really wonder if she will resist like that for a very long time ...

1982 ... a yoyo career that sees her move up and down the Charts at the same speed. At this point, it will be more of an ascent than a descent. Phew ...

1982 ... she tries it all out, calling Luther Vandross to the rescue. They are going to try to replay us the magical duo Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell which is at the origin of this title in 1967. With the result my faith very sympathetic ...

1983 ... a solo comeback that once again sees her take a step back. But it may well be that this year 1983 has a nice surprise in store for her. So let's be patient ...

1983 ... it will not be on this title either, but we are getting closer. We will therefore quietly let this title pass while waiting for better days ...

1983 ... and the good surprise, here it is ! She is back in force on the front of the planetary scene thanks to this title. A winning return, to say the least, deserved !

1984 ... and as for the previous times, she relapses directly behind unfortunately. She has great difficulty in stringing two high caliber Singles in a row. And it will be like that until the end ...

1985 ... after the glamorous duo, she tries the soundtrack. Despite a certain quality of title, the result in the Charts will be disappointing to say the least ...

1985 ... she manages to hang up the wagons for a while with this song Dance. Success on both sides of the Atlantic but it will indeed be the last time ...

1985 ... anyway, she continues to believe in it and continues her adventure for whatever reason. After that, we should no longer expect any miracle unfortunately ...

1987 ... after an empty year 1986, here she is back in this year in a form that we will qualify as average. Sufficient in any case to land a small hit in the R&B Charts ...

1987 ... she is far from unworthy, that's for sure. But the level of inspiration is really not enough to keep her in contact with the best ...

1989 ... new empty year in 1988. Certainly, things are deteriorating more and more. She will come back in 1989 but her heart is no longer there, that's clear ...

1989 ... her last Single of the decade. Ten years after shattering everything on the international scene, the time for glory and glitter seems well and truly over ...

1995 ... she will attempt the transition to the 90s but what did not work at the end of the 80s is not likely to work in the mid-90s. When it doesn't want any more, it doesn't want any more ...

1996 ... a last title which comes to close a career for which she has nothing to be ashamed of, far from it. Several big hits to which we add an anthology title. Rather flattering assessment no ...?


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