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Every day hurts...

Little information about Sad Café other than the fact that it is an English group formed in 1976 in Manchester and originally composed of Paul Young, Ian Wilson, Vic Emerson, Ashley Mulford, John Stimpson and Tony Cresswell.

Group resulting from 2 other groups which are 'Mandalaband' and 'Gyro' and which will remain mainly in history for its flagship album "Façades" released in 1979, an album from which their biggest success in the Charts will be taken, namely "Every day hurts".

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others...) :

70s  Decade :

  • Black rose 1977

  • Love will survive 1977

  • Hungry eyes 1978

  • Run home girl 1978

  • Every day hurts 1979

  • Emptiness 1979

80s  Decade :

  • Strange little girl 1980

  • My oh my 1980

  • Nothing left Toulouse 1980

  • La-Di-Da 1980

  • I’m in love again 1980

  • Misunderstanding 1981

  • No favors - No way 1981

  • Follow you anywhere 1981

  • Keep us together 1983

  • Why do you love me like you do 1984

  • Refugees 1985

  • Only love 1986

  • Heart 1986

  • Take me (Heart and soul) 1989

  • Whatever it takes 1989


Tracks :

1977...a first title which will not allow them to obtain a first classified title. But it will at least make talking about them a little, that's something... charted Singles but their first album, on the other hand, will be. An adventure that starts off in a very encouraging way all the same...

1978...the potential is real and just waiting to be expressed. So there is going to be a time when all their efforts will finally pay off...

1978...a new opus which will be classified in its turn and which proves once again that the group is on the rise...

1979...and it is with THIS title that the big takeoff will take place, finally. A title that will remain as the highest ranked in their entire discography, no less. HU-GE !

1979...a title that will only work in the United States, it must be said that it will only be released there, which explains that. Somewhat incomprehensible targeted output...

1979...this title will be released everywhere but will only work in England this time. Afterwards, as long as their titles are at least classified somewhere, that's already it... 80s decade which starts off rather well with this high caliber title which will allow them to add a new prestigious star to their prize list... release targeted this time only in England. A title release strategy that continues to raise questions... picks up on both sides of the Atlantic with this new title. A dynamic of success which manages to maintain itself at a high level without too much difficulty at this stage...

1980...unfortunately it could be that the sequel will be a little more complicated to manage than expected with a planned unscrewing in the Charts...

1981...the competition begins to take a few steps ahead and the group will have great difficulty in filling them...

1981...he will even continue to lose ground to the point of seeing his titles unclassified like this one. Times are getting harder and harder, it’s clear...

1981... yet the group tried by all means to get back into the race but unfortunately it was a wasted effort. When it no longer wants, it no longer wants...

1983...they will save the furniture at the last minute with this title but it will indeed be the last time. Which doesn't mean the end of the adventure...

1984...a middle of the decade which will see them disappear from the Charts both on the Singles and albums side. Hard law of the trade...'s hard to understand why because there is still quality in everything they produce. Sometimes you shouldn't try to understand...

1986...they will try to hang on for all they can, telling themselves that a miracle is always possible. Miracle that unfortunately will not happen...

1986...afterwards they will have at least tried to continue the adventure as far as possible. Especially since their prize list will ultimately remain more than consistent all the same... adventure which was well worth experiencing even if it will not last beyond the end of the 80s...

1989...we would honestly have liked them to push the adventure a little further but they won't have the courage...


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