Endless flight...

Leo Sayer, real name Gerard Hugh Sayer, is an Anglo-Australian singer-songwriter who really began his artistic career in the year 1973 when he signed with the Chrysalis label.

Label which allows him to release the same a first album named "Silverbird". And for a first album, it is particularly successful since it allows him to land a first global hit with the title "The show must go on".

Success confirmed and amplified the following year in 1974 with the release of the album "Just a boy", album which gave him his first success across the Atlantic with the single "One man band". Another notorious success in 1975 with the album "Another year" and the flagship track "Moonlighting".

But that's without counting on the year 1976 and the release of the enormous album "Endless flight", album of planetary consecration and which remains to this day his most successful record album. In particular thanks to the top hit "How much love" but also, and above all, with the 2 mega hits "You make me feel like dancing" and "When I need you".

A success story that was not denied the following year in 1977 when the album "Thunder in my heart" was released, which mainly produced the single of the same name.

Slight decline in success in 1978 when the album bearing the artist's name was released. Ditto for the album "Here" in 1979, which was to experience only limited success.

It was not until the following decade and the year 1980 to get back to the top with the release of the album "Living in a fantasy", from which the huge single "More than I can say" was extracted.

A short-lived comeback because everything that will be released subsequently, whether album or single, will no longer allow him to be able to compete with the best ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The show must go on 1973

  • One man band 1974

  • Long tall glasses (I can dance) 1974

  • Moonlighting 1975

  • You make me feel like dancing 1976

  • When I need you 1977

  • How much love 1977

  • Thunder in my heart 1977

  • Easy to love 1977

  • Dancing the night away 1978

  • I can't stop loving you (Though I try) 1978

  • Raining in my heart 1978

  • More than I can say 1980

  • Living in a fantasy 1981

  • Have you ever been in love 1982

  • Heart (Stop beating in time) 1982

  • Orchard road 1983

  • Till you come back to me 1983

  • Sea of heartbreak 1984

  • Unchained melody 1986

  • Real life 1986

  • Young and in love 1990

  • Thunder in my heart again 2006

Clips :

1973 ... first year of existence and first classified title, this is what we call an ideal start to his career. Now remains to be confirmed ...

1974 ... he confirms all the good that one could think of him with this title and extends his success to both sides of the Atlantic from now on. An impressive rise in power to say the least !

1974 ... top hits followed at the speed of light. Everything succeeds him with disconcerting ease and he undoubtedly becomes one of the big phenomena of the moment

1975 ... the great adventure continues in this year 1975 and nothing, and no one, seems to be able to stop its meteoric rise to the summits. Especially when you see what is on the horizon ...

1976 ... only one title for this year, but what a title ! Here he lands his first global mega hit and literally crushes the competition at the same time. HU-GE !

1977 ... but that's without counting on THIS title ! A title that will be even stronger than the previous one. Yes Yes, it's possible. Here he lands quite simply the biggest success of his career and enters in a masterly way in the musical history of the end of the twentieth. All on a beautiful Intimist track. MA-GIC !

1977 ... in addition, he is excellent in all areas. He is as good in the Dance register as in the Intimist register. The mark of the very great ! Talent side of course because size side is something else. He is only five feet tall ...

1977 ... an exceptional year in all respects with an uninterrupted succession of exceptional titles. The singer literally walks on water and does not intend to stop there !

1977 ... a truly amazing voice, sometimes bordering on unbearable when he goes into the treble. But that's also what made it successful. Funny paradox !

1978 ... we suspected that after such an incredible year, 1978 was going to seem a little pale. Of course, the level of success will drop somewhat but he will still manage to stay at the highest level without too much difficulty ...

1978 ... a nice title full of finesse which shows once again that in the Intimist field his talent is really at the Premium level. A title so inspired that a certain Phil Collins could not help but take it again 24 years later and deliver in 2002 an even more dazzling version. Yes Yes, it's possible !

2002 ... the dazzling version, here it is ! Phil Colins manages to sublimate a title that was already sublime. By accelerating the tempo, he makes a completely new version of it while keeping the extraordinary side of the title. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1978 ... this time, it is Sayer who does in the luxury cover, something extremely rare concerning him. Here he covers the title of Buddy Holly from 1959 and makes a version of it that literally floats in the air. We want more !

1980 ... it is with a new resumption this time of The Crickets that he will obtain one of his biggest successes and enter the 80s in a sensational way. Here he revisits a title dating once again from 1959 and manages to sublimate it in a stunning way to say the least !

1981 ... one would have thought that he was going to take place at the beginning of the decade but it will become slightly complicated with a level of success in free fall. Attention danger...

1982 ... a recovery in hand was essential and we suspected that with such talent, he was bound to bounce back. It is now done with this title !

1982 ... a year 1982 which saw him return to the race in an impressive way. Quality on all levels which shows that he still has something to say and especially to sing !

1983 ... a magnificent title which will not remain as his best ranked but surely as one of his most inspired. A talent in the Intimist decidedly XXXL !

1983 ... this time, he covers Stevie Wonder dating from 1967. A nice cover but which will be the starting point of a slow but inexorable deceleration that he will never manage to stop ...

1984 ... the level of success is plummeting. It must be said that this revisited version of Don Gibson's 1961 title is nice but nothing more ...

1986 ... how many versions of this legendary title first performed by Todd Duncan in 1951 ? 10, 20, 30, we do not know by force. This version is original, certainly, but will not bring much more than all the other versions that have preceded it ...

1986 ... the beginning of the end. He disappears altogether from the Charts and yet he is far from demerit. But it is clear that the best years are behind now ...

1990 ... after a 4 years slump, here he is back in certain shape. Certain form which will not be sufficient to relaunch him unfortunately ....

2006 ... he will rise again from his ashes in a totally unexpected way thanks to this successful remix of his title dating from 1977. Like what, it is in the old pots that we make the best soups !

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