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Eeny meeny miny moe...

Luv' is a Dutch trio formed in 1976 and originally composed of Patty Brard, José Hoebee and Marga Scheide. Trio who can boast of having sold no less than 7 million records around the world to date.

A first single "My man" was released a year later in 1977 and the success was immediate, especially in the Flemish sphere. Ditto for "U.O." Me" the following year in 1978.

A year 1978 which will consecrate them at the international level with the release of the album "With Luv'", album which will produce the 2 biggest hits of all their discography with the titles "You're the greatest lover" and "Trojan horse". Two titles that will sell more than a million copies each…

A great adventure which continued in 1979 with the release of the album "Lot's of Luv'", an album which was to be almost as strong as its predecessor, in particular thanks to the singles "Casanova" and "Eeny meeny Miny moe", two titles which would be released also the same year.

1979 was an exceptional year for the trio as a second successful album, "True Luv'", was released. New album which will add two new stars to the girl prize list with the titles "Ooh, Yes I do" and "Ann-Maria".

New big performance at the very beginning of the 80s with the release of the album "Forever yours", an album with less success than its predecessors but still successful.

Big success which will be the last because the group will decide to separate in 1981. A new version of the trio will be born at the end of the decade but this one will never reach the level reached by the original trio...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • My man 1977

  • Dream, dream 1977

  • U.O. Me 1978

  • You’re the greatest lover 1978

  • Trojan horse 1978

  • Casanova 1979

  • Eeny meeny miny moe 1979

  • Who do you wanna be 1979

  • Ooh, yes I do 1979

  • Ann-Maria 1980

  • One more little kissie 1980

  • My number one 1980

  • Tingalingaling 1981

  • Welcome to my party 1989

  • I don’t want to be lonely 1989

  • Hasta Mañana 1990

  • Jungle jive 1991

  • The last song 1991

  • He’s my guy 1991

  • This old heart of mine 1992

  • With him tonight 2019


Clips :

1977...the arrival of a friendly triplet of young singers who will quickly impose themselves throughout the Belgian-Dutch Flemish sphere. Starting with this title... is clear that their musical style is very basic. Basic, certainly, but of a certain effectiveness as often in this case...

1978... the rise in power is linear and sees them climbing step by step. It could therefore be that the next title has a nice surprise in store for us…

1978...they will land their first big hit here with a title that will be a real hit all over the Old Continent. Well done girls !

1978...but that's without counting on THIS title ! There we are no longer talking only of European success but of planetary success. The girls will simply land here the biggest success of their entire discography and return One Shot to the musical legend of the end of the 20th century. HU-GE !

1979...even if the level of success goes down a notch, the girls continue to fly on their little cloud...'s true that we often border on caricature but that's also the magic of those years. Everything was possible and this in all styles...

1979...a most simplistic but oh so effective festive style. There is something for all tastes and all audiences and that the 3 girls have understood perfectly. Or at least those who produce them...

1979...for the moment they are chaining big caliber hits at high speed and you can think whatever you want of their style, it works. Isn't that the main thing ?

1980...after 2 euphoric years for them, here they are quietly starting the next decade. And for the moment, it continues to unroll quietly... is clear that their style is still passing because we are at the beginning of the 80s. Not sure that this will still be the case in a few years unfortunately...

1980...but as they say, what is taken is no longer to be taken. The 3 girls take advantage of the present moment and ask absolutely no questions about their future. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else...

1981...because times are going to get harder and harder. Their style is becoming more and more obsolete and the competition is seriously starting to make them old-fashioned. Hard law of the trade...

1989... so much so that they disappeared from the radar for almost 8 years. They will attempt a comeback here that is unlikely to say the least and they will almost succeed in getting back into the race. Almost...

1989...especially since they have adapted perfectly to the latest musical trends of the moment. When we think back to their original style, finding them in Hi-NRG mode is surprising to say the least...

1990...and they will even attempt the transition to the 90s, who would have thought. It must be said that the girls' team has been really overhauled and that we are almost leaving with a brand new triplet...

1991...well, we're not going to lie to each other, the girls are going to do more extras than anything else. But the main thing is to participate as they say...

1991...we weren't really used to seeing them venture into the Intimist register. There is a beginning to everything even if we feel that it is not in this register that they will smash everything, that's clear... must be said that with such a style in a decade where everything goes at the speed of light, it's almost impossible for the 3 girls to hope to come back even a little on the front of the stage...

1992...radical change of style and sound, but what happened to them ? Too bad they did not make this change many years before because their destiny would have been very different...

2019... when we thought the trio was definitely lost body and soul, here he comes back to the surface as if by a miracle and almost in its original form. It starts from a good feeling but only the basic fans will find their account...


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