Easier said than done

Shakatak is an English band formed in 1980 and originally composed of Keith Winter, Jackie Rawe, Nigel Wright, Steve Underwood, Norma Lewis, Tracy Ackerman, Lorna Bannon and Fridrik Karlsson.

It was the single "Easier Said Than Done", released in 1981, which will make them known to the public and give them their first notorious hit. Single which will remain classified for no less than 17 weeks in the English Top Singles.

They had to wait for 1982 and the release of the single "Night birds" to see them land their first Top10. Flagship title taken from the album of the same name, album which turns out to be a real success.

Also in 1982 released the album "Invitations" which produced the minor hit of the same name. Followed a year later in 1983 by the album "Out of this world" which produced a slightly larger hit with "Dark is the night".

The supreme consecration came in 1984 with the release of the album "Down on the street", from which the single of the same name was to be extracted. It’s a huge success. The title sets fire to all the dancefloors on the planet.

Colossal success which will remain like their last because the release of other albums thereafter will not allow to repeat such a feat.

They will experience two, three last major hits with the singles "Don’t blame it on love" in 1984, "Day by day" in 1985 and "Mr Manic and sister Cool" in 1987.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Feels like the right time 1980

  • Living in the UK 1981

  • Brazilian dawn 1981

  • Easier said than done 1981

  • Night birds 1982

  • Streetwalkin’ 1982

  • Invitations 1982

  • Stranger 1982

  • Dark is the night 1983

  • If you could see me now 1983

  • Out of this world 1983

  • Down on the street 1984

  • Don’t blame it on love 1984

  • Watching you 1984

  • City Rhythm 1985

  • Day by day 1985

  • Mr. Manic and Sister Cool 1987

  • Time of my life 1988

  • Turn the music up 1989

  • Back to the groove 1989

  • Bitter sweet 1991

  • One day at a time 1993

  • Let the piano play 1997

  • Move a little closer 1998

Clips :

1980 ... after a first unsuccessful attempt, it is the 2nd single of the group which will bring him his first success. The start of a long list ...

1981 ... a slow but steady rise in power. Well, for now, it's a story without words, but it's not going to last ...

1981 ... well, for now, it lasts. But that's for sure, it won't last ...

1981 ... a year 1981 which ended in style with this 3rd hit of the year. Their biggest by the way. And the voices are finally here ...

1982 ... and the voices left as quickly as they came. But what is certain is that it's serious funk and that's the main thing !

1982 ... no, you're not dreaming, there is indeed a singer on this track. It's coming, I'm telling you, it's coming !

1982 ... pieces that spin at 200 km/h, a habit with them. The style is refined, the best is in preparation, it's obvious !

1982 ... always so festive, always so lively even if the tempo has slowed down somewhat ...

1983 ... a new vintage that starts off with a bang with this new top hit. They quietly accumulate them year after year ...

1983 ... the sung pieces are structured, the group becomes a 'normal' group. All they have to do is grab the planetary mega hit they deserve ...

1983 ... well, for the mega top hit, we will have to wait a little longer. This title holds up but does not have the stroke of genius that makes all the difference ...

1984 ... the stroke of genius, here it is. The group signs here one of the most HUGE hit dances of the decade and of the end of the XXth century period. Just that !

1984 ... a quality sequel but how to compete with the previous gem ... An almost impossible bet !

1984 ... a decidedly incredible year 1984 with a new title of extraordinary inspiration. Incomprehensible fact, it will not even be classified ...

1985 ... yet another high-caliber Dance title that once again strengthens the group's heavyweight status in this area

1985 ... when 2 big names of the moment unite their voices, the result is inevitably something exceptional. A piece that works perfectly !

1987 ... the last notorious hit. The programmed end of a truly remarkable career which left in the musical history of the 1980s a jewel of which they can be particularly proud !

1988 ... even if no more titles will be classified, the adventure continues. And the group is far from being ridiculous, that's clear !

1989 ... a rhythmic and cheerful end of the decade. Unfortunately, despite an obvious title quality, this will not change the situation ...

1989 ... in the same vein. The group continues to believe in it but the general public has already looked elsewhere for some time ...

1991 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 90s. But what did not work at the end of the previous decade is unlikely to work at the start of the new decade ...

1993 ... we really have the impression of having gone back 10 years. It is therefore impossible for the group to fight on an equal footing with the competition ...

1997 ... a decade 90 which sees them trying to resist by all means. It starts from a good feeling but it is indeed a waste of time ...

1998 ... a nice title full of finesse to end the adventure definitively. We couldn't ask for a better outing ...

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