Earth’s cry heaven’s smile...

Santana is an American group formed in 1966 in San Francisco by the American-Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana, who will be quickly joined by Marcus Malone, Rod Harper, Gus Rodriguez and Gregg Rolie. A group that can boast of having sold no less than 90 million records worldwide to date, making them one of the best-selling groups of all time.

A first eponymous album was released three years later in 1969 and for a first opus, it was rather successful. In particular thanks to titles like "Jingo" or "Evil Ways". But also, and above all, with the title "Soul sacrifice", a title that will do wonders when they will perform it at the now legendary Woodstock festival.

The beginning of consecration came the following year when the album "Abraxas" was released, an album that would make a real worldwide hit and make the group one of the phenomena of the moment. Album from which will be extracted mainly "Black magic woman", a luxury cover of the title of Fleetwood Mac dating from 1968. And to a lesser extent "Oye como va".

New album "Santana III" a year later in 1971. The album did a little less well than its predecessor in terms of sales but still produced the top hit "Everybody's everything". But still does better than "Caravanserai" which came out the following year in 1972 and which produced no hits. As for the album "Welcome" which came out in 1973, it simply did not produce any single. No better for the album "Borboletta" which was released in 1974.

It was not until 1976 and the release of the album "Amigos" to finally see the group take off in a resounding way. Indeed, the album made a real worldwide hit and became the group's biggest success to date. Notably thanks to the track "Europa (Earth's cry heaven's smile)" which will remain the highest ranked track on the album.

New hole in the air with the album "Festival" which was released the following year in 1977. The album sold well but did not produce any hits. This is not the case with the album "Moonflower" which came out the same year and which, for its part, was to meet a very different fate. Thanks to a much more adapted sound and carried at arm's length by the flagship track "She's not there", it has recorded more than impressive sales scores.

Nice performance from the album "Inner secrets" which was released a year later in 1978, an album with a much more rock sound and from which one of the group's biggest hits, "Well all right", was to be extracted. The album "Marathon", which was released in 1979, was to achieve only limited success and did not produce any notorious hit except "You know that I love you" which was more or less successful.

A little sluggish end of the 1970s, which will not be the case at the beginning of the 1980s thanks to the release of the album "Zebop !". Once again a rock-oriented album, which will perform well in the Charts and produce a plethora of singles. Paradoxically, only the title "Winning" will know the favors of the public.

Conversely, the album "Shango" which came out in 1982 was only a limited success but produced several hits including the hugely huge "Hold on".

We will have to wait three years and the year 1985 to see the release of the next album called "Beyond appearances", album which will produce only one single "Say it again". Unique single but quality single in view of its results in the Charts.

Then big air hole for almost 15 years despite the release of 3 new albums. The group no longer manages to keep up with the times and sinks slowly, but surely, into the depths of the Charts. The decline seems inevitable ...

Until the Phoenix rose from its ashes in a spectacular way in 1999 thanks to the album "Supernatural", album which will be one of the album events of that year and give the group the biggest success of its entire career. album, just that !

Flagship album which will produce no less than 5 global hits including 3 mega with "Put your lights on", "Maria Maria" but also, and above all, "Smooth". Which will also remain as the group's biggest single success. An unexpected double that will put the group afloat and allow him to rebound impressively during the 2000s. But that’s another story ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Jingo 1969

  • Evil ways 1969

  • Black magic woman 1970

  • Oye como va 1971

  • Everybody’s everything 1971

  • Samba pa ti 1973

  • Europa (Earth’s cry heaven’s smile) 1976

  • Let it shine 1976

  • Let the children play 1976

  • Revelations 1976

  • She’s not there 1977

  • Well all right 1978

  • Stormy 1979

  • You know that I love you 1979

  • Searchin 1981

  • Winning 1981

  • Hold on 1982

  • Nowhere to run 1982

  • Say it again 1985

  • Veracruz 1987

  • The healer 1990

  • Somewhere in heaven 1992

  • Smooth 1999

  • Maria Maria 1999

  • Put your lights on 1999

  • Corazon espinado 2000

  • Primavera 2001

  • The game of love 2002

  • You are my kind 2002

  • Nothing at all 2003

  • Feels like fire 2003

  • Hoy es adios 2003

  • Why don't you and I 2003

  • I'm feeling you 2005

  • Just feel better 2005

  • Cry baby cry 2005

  • Into the night 2007

  • This boy's fire 2008

  • While my guitar gently weeps 2010

  • Photograph 2010

  • Fortunate son 2010

  • Under the bridge 2010

  • Dance the night away 2010

  • Sunshine of your love 2011

  • La flaca 2014

  • Saideira 2014

  • Mal bicho 2014

  • Margarita 2014

  • Feel it coming back 2014

  • Anywhere you want to go 2016

  • Choo choo 2016

  • Suenos 2016

  • Forgiveness 2016

  • Yo me lo merezco 2019

  • Breaking down the door 2019

  • Move 2021

Clips :

1969 ... a startling to say the least with a first classified title. The first in a long series for this group which, in a few years, will become one of the most striking of the end of the 20th century ...

1969 ... the group imposes from the second title a style that will quickly become its trademark. A unique style ...

1970 ... the rise in power is linear year after year. Just like the recognition of the public who propels this title to the top of the Charts

1971 ... the fame of the group now extends to the whole planet. In particular thanks to this luxury cover of Tito Puente's title dating from 1963 and which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most emblematic titles. HU-GE !

1971 ... the rest will be a little lower. This does not prevent the group from being on a dynamic of the most promising which will take him far, very far

1973 ... after a year 1972 when not much will happen, the group returns in great shape in this year 1973 and delivers a highly inspired track. All good !

1976 ... not much for 2 years before THIS title arrives ! A title in the modest classification in the Charts and which nevertheless will make the fortune and the glory of the group which signs here one of its titles among the most emblematic. MAS-TER-FUL !

1976 ... a sequel that will have little to do with the previous title on the inspiration side. And yet who will experience almost the same level of success in Charts ...

1976 ... a bloated year in terms of titles with very diverse destinies. This will be put in the category of titles that will pass through despite a non-negligible quality ...

1976 ... this one will hardly do better on the ranking side and this once again despite a certain melodic quality. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1977 ... business resumes in the new year 1977 thanks to this luxury cover of the Zombies title dating from 1964. It just goes to show that the best soups are made in old pots !

1978 ... surprisingly, the group signs here one of its biggest successes of the decade. Not necessarily the most inspired but with obvious rhythmic efficiency

1979 ... a year 1979 equal to 1976 with a plethora of titles and a quality which fluctuates according to the titles. We start with this title which will remain as their biggest success of the year

1979 ... this one will experience slightly less success. The last success of a decade which saw the group literally explode and become one of the sure values of the moment. Will it still be so for the next decade ? To be continued ...

1981 ... the group is struggling to situate himself in this new decade, that's obvious. His style has changed little since its inception and does not really correspond to the new trends of the moment. Attention danger...

1981 ... the group will save the furniture in this year 1981 with this title. But it is clear that they will have to evolve and quickly, for lack of purely and simply disappearing ...

1982 ... an evolution which finally takes place on this title and as luck would have it, the group will sign here its biggest success of the 1980s. Like what, not much was enough. HU-GE !

1982 ... even if this title will not know the same level of success as its predecessor, the dynamic of renewal is underway and that is the essential !

1985 ... a dynamic which unfortunately quickly runs out of steam resulting in a 3 years air gap. We therefore find them in this year 1985 in a relative form, a relative form which allows them all the same to continue to exist and to add with this title a new line to their prize list