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Big Audio Dynamite, also known by the abbreviation BAD, is an English band formed in 1984 by ex-Clash guitarist Mick Jones.

After his ouster from the Clashes, and after a brief stint in the General Public group, Jones first formed the "Top Risk Action Company" (T.R.A.C.) group. Group with more than ephemeral existence.

It was then that he formed Big Audio Dynamite along with Don Letts, Leo Williams, Greg Roberts and Dan Donovan.

The band's first album "This is Big Audio Dynamite" came out in 1985 and for a debut album it was a real success. Album carried mainly by a first flagship title "The bootom line". And especially by the following “E = MC2” which came out in 1986 and made a real worldwide hit.

A year later in 1986 the album "No.10, Uppin St." was released, with less success but still successful.

More success in 1988 with the album "Tighten up, Vol. 88 ”. Album which will mainly produce the hit “Just play music !".

The following years were less glorious and the starting group finally exploded during 1990. Jones joined a new team and released the album “The Globe”. And it’s a real hit. In particular across the Atlantic.

The album will produce a minor hit named after the album and most importantly a mega hit with the flagship single "Rush" which remains the band's highest ranked single to this day. And which will be their last major.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The bottom line 1985

  • E=MC2 1986

  • Medicine show 1986

  • V. Thirteen 1987

  • Just play music ! 1988

  • Contact 1989

  • Rush 1991

  • The globe 1991

  • Looking for a song 1994


Clips :

1985 ... the Clash parenthesis being closed, the time has come for Big Audio Dynamite. And my gosh, it's far from a default adventure. Even less out of spite ...

1986 ... an adventure which will gain height and volume very quickly with this HUGE title. A first mega hit for the group which will not be the last ...

1986 ... after a resounding start to the year, the euphoria subsides somewhat. But the group does confirm that he is not there to make up !

1987 ... of course, the group's business is still quite rock. Jones cannot deny his origins ...

1988 ... after a year 1987 something inside, business picks up strongly in this year 1988. In particular thanks to a much more festive sound ...

1989 ... Jones dares to venture into musical lands outside his usual standards. And my faith, it works pretty well !

1991 ... it was not until the following decade and the year 1991 to see them record the biggest commercial success of their career. Like what, patience is always rewarded !

1991 ... the BIG year. Two mega hits in a burst that definitively consecrate the group as one of the big musical names of the moment

1994 ... the decade began under the best auspices. Unfortunately, the test will not be transformed and this title will be the last notorious hit of the group


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