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Don’t talk to them about love...

Altered Images is a Scottish group formed in the early 80s by Clare Grogan, Gerard McInulty, Michael Anderson, tony McDaid and Johnny McElhone.

Their first two singles "Dead pop stars" and "A day’s wait" will not work.

It was in 1981 that their first album "Happy birthday" was released, an album produced by Steve Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Album which turns out to be a huge success thanks to the single of the same name which will make a real success.

The notoriety of the group explodes and Clare Grogan suddenly becomes the essential singer of the moment.

In 1982 the album "Pinky blue" was released, from which their second biggest hit, "I could be happy", was to be extracted. As well as other large caliber singles like "See those eyes" and "Pinky blue".

Listed success, they repeat in 1983 with the single "Don’t talk to me about love", single extracted from the album "Bite". Album which also contains the excellent "Bring me close".

And as paradoxical as it may seem, despite the successes, the group will explode soon after.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dead pop stars 1981

  • Happy birthday 1981

  • I could be happy 1981

  • See those eyes 1982

  • Pinky blue 1982

  • Song song blue 1982

  • Don’t talk to me about love 1983

  • Bring me closer 1983

  • Love to stay 1983

  • Change of heart 1983


Clips :

1981 ... a first track with strong rocko-punk accents. A title partially achieved but which will pay the luxury of being classified ...

1981 ... a radical change in style and tone. And yet, we are well the same year. Incredible trend reversal that will change everything and reveal them. All in energy and joy in life !

1981 ... then here comes the HUGE title which will make them essential values of the New-Wave wave. They simply sign here the biggest hit of their entire career. A planetary mega-hit that brings them One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s

1982 ... talent and above all a freshness without equal ! The ideal recipe to make this group one of the best of its generation

1982 ... a completely barred voice and look. A trademark recognizable among all and that makes all the difference !

1982 ... they even allow themselves the luxury of cover Neil Diamond. On one of its flagship titles dating from 1972. A cover in the image of the group, that is to say hilarious ...

1983 ... back to simplicity, no more eccentricities ! Unquestionably one of their best titles, if not the best. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... back to the crazy with this revisited version of The Avengers. Their latest planetary hit ...

1983 ... go, for once, with finesse. Like what...they can do too ! And always this unique voice. Who annoys as much as it fascinates ...

1983 ... a 1983 title but a much more recent interpretation. A Claire Grogan so wacky that she plays it remix of the Bangles...the best !


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