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Don’t ask the neighbors...

The Emotions are an American group formed in Chicago in 1962 and originally composed of Jeanette, Sheila and Wanda Hutchinson, a group which in its early days was not a standard group but rather a Gospel formation called 'Hutchinson Sunbeams'. Formation who will perform in the Children’s Gospel television show and who will also accompany singer Mahalia Jackson.

The trio in its original Gospel form will release several titles, titles which unfortunately will pass under the radar.

It was at the end of the 1960s that the group changed its name to The Emotions. A name change that also rhymes with signing for the Stax Records label. Signature which allows the trio to release in 1969 a first successful album called "So I can love you". Album that allows them to finally get their first ranked title with the single that bears the name of the album.

New hit single "Show me how" two years later in 1971, single from their new album "Untouched". Album which will be released a year later in 1972 and with the most average success except for the single released in 1971 ...

A year 1972 saved in extremis by the release of another successful single "I could never be happy", a single released this time off album. No notable success in 1973 but a return to certain form in 1974 with the single "Put a little love away", a title which gave the 3 girls a new major success, once again outside the album.

The year 1975 saw the disappearance of their label and the arrival at Columbia Records, a label that allowed them to meet a certain…Maurice White of Earth Wind And Fire, a meeting that would completely change the fate of the 3 girls.

White takes them under his wings and decides to produce their new album "Flowers", an album which was released a year later in 1976. Album with certain success and which in addition will produce their first top hit with the title "I don't wanna lose your love”.

But it was above all the following album "Rejoice" which would bring fame and fortune to the 3 girls in 1977 thanks to the enormous single "Best of my love". The track will be a global hit, just like the album, and propel the girls to a level of notoriety they never dared imagine.

The sequel was going to be a bit disappointing with the lesser success of the album "Sunbeam" in 1978, an album which struggled to produce any single of the world class. As for the album "Come into our world" which will be released the following year in 1979, it will be even worse.

Fortunately, White will still allow them to shine with a thousand lights, always the same year by incorporating them into one of the titles of Earth Wind & Fire and not least to know…the enormous “Boogie wonderland”, title where the 3 girls will play the luxury backing vocals.

A great adventure that will continue during the 1980s with the release of the albums "New affair" in 1981, "Sincerely" in 1984 and "If I only knew" in 1985.

Unfortunately, none will be able to allow the 3 girls to touch the stars once again…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Somebody new 1968

  • I love you but I’ll leave you 1968

  • So I can love you 1969

  • The best part of a love affair 1969

  • When tomorrow comes 1969

  • Heart association 1970I

  • You make me want to love you 1971

  • Show me how 1971

  • I could never be happy 1972

  • What do the lonely do at Christmas 1973

  • Put a little love away 1974

  • Flowers 1976

  • I don’t wanna lose your love 1976

  • Best of my love 1977

  • Don’t ask my neighbors 1977

  • Shounting out love 1977

  • Smile 1978

  • Whole lot of shakin’ 1978

  • Walking the line 1979

  • Boogie wonderland 1979

  • What's the name of your love ? 1979

  • I should be dancing 1979

  • Where is your love ? 1980

  • Come into my world 1980

  • Turn it out 1981

  • Now that I know 1981

  • You’re the one 1984

  • You’re the best 1984

  • Are you through with my heart 1984

  • Miss your love 1985

  • All in the way 2003


Clips :

1968 ... after a year 1964 and a year 1967 which did not allow them to take off more than that, the 3 girls are finally starting to reap the first fruits of their efforts ...

1968 ... still no classified title in this year 1968 but the girls are clearly growing. We will have to be a little more patient ...

1969 ... this time will be the good one. The trio finally won his first classified title and launched his career in earnest. It was time...

1969 ... and now that it's gone, this, to unroll, it will unroll. The girls are gone for at least 15 years ...

1969 ... every title that comes out now is classified. Admittedly, most of them will only appear in R&B Charts in the coming years, but that's still the way they say ...

1970 ... after a decade of 60 which saw them hatch and then grow, the decade of the 70s will see them come to maturity in an impressive way. With the culmination of the end of the decade that will see them touch the stars on several occasions ...

1971 ... a great adventure which sees them alternating titles with finesse and titles with a much more sustained rhythm. A versatility that is only found with the greatest necessarily ...

1971 ... a new proof of their know-how more than obvious in the Intimist. They will produce an impressive number of titles in this field and none will miss its target ...

1972 ... we continue with finesse and softness. A good job once again which allows them to land a new hit of big caliber. Well deserved reward !

1973 ... each year its Intimist title of big caliber. For the year 1973, it will be this one. A special Christmas title and above all special emotions ...

1974 ... the rise in power is linear and sees the girls climbing the ladder of fame one after the other. But still no major hit for the moment unfortunately even if it will make a rather flattering course in the Charts ...

1976 ... after a one-year air gap linked to the disappearance of their record company, here are the girls back in 1976 with a new record company. And above all a new Producer and not the least. And that will change everything !

1976 ... the success machine begins to take off in earnest. It must be said that with Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire at the helm, we suspect that the result will be up to the task. And for that, it will be !

1977 ... but it will be even more so on THIS title ! The girls are going to smash everything with THIS title and enter full force into the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... after the effort, the comfort ! For the year 1977, the Intimist title of reference for girls will be this one. Another great job in this area, once again ...

1977 ... the 'little' hit of the year. But hey, 1 mega hit followed by a top hit then this little hit. A year 1977 to say the least exceptional !

1978.. we cannot say the same for the year 1978. As much as 1977 was exceptional in all respects, the year 1978 will appear somewhat pale next to it. Cruel turnaround ...

1978 ... and yet their style, like their sound, seems to remind us of another band. Another group which will release one of its Masterpieces the following year and which will ask the girls to assist it on this one, just that !

1979 ... for the moment, we start with the Intimist title of the girls for the year 1979. For the title of legend, it is just after ...

1979 ... and yes, the female vocal part of one of Earth Wind & Fire's Masterpieces will be provided by the 3 girls ! A sumptuous gift offered on a tray by Maurice White to his little ones. There are worse gifts !

1979 ... unfortunately, the miracle lasted only the time of a title. The girls will fall back heavily on dry land and return to a level of success that was theirs at the start of the decade. Cruel turnaround ...

1979 ... plethora of titles in this year 1979 and omnipresent quality. Paradoxically, only the title with Earth Wind & Fire brought them luck. Frankly shame ...

1980 ... and the transition to the 1980s will not allow them to reverse the course of time. The girls continue on the same model as during the previous decade with inevitably the same result ...

1980 ... anyway, they continue their adventure for whatever reason. And even if the results in the Charts are in free fall, the quality is still essential. We will largely be satisfied with it !

1981 ... in any case, they continue to believe in it and are far from being ridiculous. And this even if the ground lost with the competition is increasing year by year ...

1981 ... on the other hand, what does not change and will never change with them, it is the Intimist title which goes well that they deliver to us every year. Rarely has a group produced so many titles in this area. Good job girls !

1984 ... and here's another one ! After 3 years of wanted or forced break, the girls come back, not in force, but very gently. Regarding them, the opposite would have been surprising ...

1984 ... which does not prevent them from continuing to deliver Dance titles which largely hold up. For how much longer is that something else ...

1984 ... it is clear that the exit door is getting closer and closer. 20 years after their debut, the girls are now more extras than anything else. Difficult in these conditions to continue the adventure indefinitely ...

1985 ... the last year of existence. The circle is now complete and it's time for the girls to bow out. But what is certain is that they do not have to be ashamed of everything they have produced, that's for sure !

2003 ... we thought the case definitely folded but it is once again the group Earth Wind & Fire which will put them afloat for the time of a title, this title. But it will be the last time ...


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