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Does he want to escape ? So be it ...

Louis Chédid is a French singer of Lebanese origin whose father is a renowned biologist and mother a novelist, just that.

His first steps in an artistic career took place through the courses he took at the National Institute of Radioelectricity and Cinematography in Brussels at the end of the 1960s. Courses which enabled him to become an editor, then an assistant in the early 1970s.

He was first noticed in 1973 by an artistic director of Barclay who offered him to record an album after listening to a rather encouraging model.

Album that goes completely unnoticed because it is too out of step with the booming disco wave in France.

We had to wait until 1977 to see things suddenly accelerate when the title "La belle" was released. A highly regarded single that propelled him to the forefront for the first time.

Followed a year later in 1978 by "T’as beau pas être beau" which confirmed its status as a rising star.

The real recognition came in 1981 with the release of what will remain as his biggest success, namely the magnificent "Ainsi soit-il", taken from the eponymous album, a major title which literally exploded his career.

Three years passed before he returned in 1984 with the track "Hold Up", an old track that he decided to re-record and which brought him new success.

He did it again a year later in 1985 with the flagship single "Anne, ma soeur Anne", in reaction to the rise of the Far Right. The single is a real hit.

This will unfortunately not be the case for the albums that will be released later, weak echo partly due to an activism on his part sometimes too pronounced.

He will come back in force in 2006 with his musical comedy "The Pink Soldier", one of the main performers of which will be his own son, the now unavoidable M.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Hold up 1975

  • La belle 1977

  • T’as beau pas être beau 1978

  • Papillon 1979

  • Egomane 1980

  • Ainsi soit-il 1981

  • Les absents ont toujours tort 1983

  • Le cha cha de l’insécurité 1983

  • Anne, ma soeur Anne 1985

  • Revolution 1988

  • Zap-Zap 1990

  • Ou est-elle ? 1990

  • Ces mots sont pour toi 1992

  • Dites lui que je l’aime 1994


Clips :

1975 ... at the beginning of the adventure. Certainly, this is not his first attempt but it is surely the most successful so far

1977 ... but it is THIS title that will change everything and propel him into the limelight. Surely one of the most emblematic titles of the 1970s on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1978 ... a sequel that will be even stronger. The artist becomes essential thanks to an obvious and somewhat offbeat talent

1979 ... astonishing songs, unique in their genre and which really stood out in the musical landscape of the time

1980 ... the 1970s saw him literally explode, will the next one also be lenient with him...hum, hum

1981 ... he will have signed one of the most beautiful songs of the 1970s. He allows himself the luxury of doing it again a few years later. MA-GIC !

1983 ... the years will now alternate between the very good and the most common. For the year 1983, it will be the 1st category. He once again demonstrates a decidedly extraordinary talent in very, very large-caliber Intimist melodies. All the more so when the song is a tribute to a dear friend who left far too early ...

1983 ... rhythms that he is often the only one to dare to put forward. Mighty bet in a time when Dance devastates everything in its path ...

1985 ... surely one of his most iconic songs. He resists everything, time, fashions. Unique in it's genre !

1988 ... after a few years in retreat, we find him particularly inspired on this title which works very well my faith

1990 ... a new decade in sight. And he is still there ! A longevity necessarily reserved for the most talented artists ...

1990 ... regardless of the fact that he is no longer in the 'move', he continues on his way, quiet ...

1992 ... and always those tailor-made melodies that produce sumptuous Intimist titles. Once again MA-GIC !

1994 ... other titles will be released during the decade. We will mainly remember this one as an end clap


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