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LaDonna Andréa Gaines, better known as Donna Summer, was an American singer from Boston. She entered the musical career by becoming a soloist in a gospel heart from the age of 10. It was in 1967 that she decided to take control of her destiny by prematurely stopping her studies to join the group "Crow", an underground white rock group. It is in a New York club that the label RCA Records locates her and offers her her first contract. She left for Europe in stride where she went to play in many musicals. She also does the mannequin during the day to make ends meet. In 1974, responding to a choir singer's announcement, she met Giorgio Moroder, who gave it the name "Summer". And it was in 1975 that the album "Love to love you Baby" was released, from which was released the single of the same name, a hit that immediately hit the headlines. In 1976, "A love trilogy" and "Four seasons ol love" were released, both gold records. As well as the relatively successful single “Could it be magic”. Colossal success which returns with the singles "I feel love" released in 1977 and "Last Dance" in 1978. The singer will get 2 Grammies that year. And will chain in an impressive way the hits between 1978 and 1980 (“Hot Stuff”, “Bad girls” in particular) but also the rewards of all kinds. The beginning of the 80s will be more complicated with certain failures. It was not until 1983 that she returned to success with the single "She works hard for the money". Follow 6 years of lean cows where the singer is withdrawing. It is the essential Stock, Aitken and Waterman, renowned English producers, who will bring it up to date in 1989 with the singles "This time i know it’s for real" and "I don’t wanna get hurt". These will be these latest world hits. The Disco Diva will unfortunately leave us on May 17, 2012 at the age of 63 after suffering from lung cancer. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• If you walkin' alone 1969 • The hostage 1974 • Lady of the night 1974 • Love to love you 1975 • Could it be magic 1976 • Try me, I know we can make it 1976 • Spring affair 1976 • Winter melody 1977 • I feel love 1977 • Theme from The Deep (Down, deep inside) 1977 • I remember yesterday 1977 • I love you 1977 • Rumour has it 1978 • Last dance 1978 • Macarthur park 1978 • Heaven knows 1978 • Hot Stuff 1979 • Bad girls 1979 • Dim all the lights 1979 • No more tears (Enough is enough) 1979 • On the radio 1979 • Sunset people 1980 • The wanderer 1980 • Who do you think you're foolin' 1981 • Love is in control (Finger on the trigger) 1982 • State of independence 1982 • The woman in me 1982 • She works hard for the money 1983 • Unconditionnal love 1983 • Love has a mlind of its own 1983 • There goes my baby 1984 • Supernatural love 1984 • Dinner with Gershwin 1987 • Only the fool survives 1987 • All systems go 1988 • This time I know (it’s for real) 1989 • I don’t wanna get hurt 1989 • Love's about to change my heart 1989 • Breakaway 1990 • When love cries 1991 • Work that magic 1991 • Melody of love (Wanna be loved) 1994 • Whenever there is love 1996 • Carry on 1997 • I will go with you (Con te partiro) 1999 • Love is the healer 1999 • The power of one 2000 • I got your love 2005 • Power of love 2006 • I'm a fire 2008 • Stamp your feet 2008

Clips :

1969 ... at the origin of the genesis. And yes, before becoming the divine Donna Summer, Donna takes her first steps under the name of Donna Gains ...

1974 ... ah, finally a 1st classified title. In Holland ... Well, this is only the beginning but that's it already !

1974 ... better and better ... A new title classified in Holland and ... in Germany. Like what, be patient !

1975 ... then suddenly the miracle happens. No more small successes. This time, it's an intergalactic hit. The singer is propelled One Shot into spheres which she did not even know existed ...

1976 ... the Summer phenomenon overwhelms the whole planet ! A second tube which is a cover of a classic piece. Yes Yes, it's possible. Prelude n ° 20 in C Minor, Opus 28 by Frédéric Chopin. Go check it out !

1976 ... Dance hits will now follow one another at an impressive speed. Nothing and no one can stop it. Except fate ...

1976 ... 1000% D I S C O. She quickly becomes the undisputed queen of the genre and will only suffer from few rivals

1977 ... but she also knows how to do in the Intimist. A versatile talent that is the hallmark of the Great, very Great

1977 ... his 2nd mega planetary hit. A scorching hit that definitely consecrates her as one of the greatest singers of the moment

1977 ... change of year and what better way to start this new vintage than a little soundtrack. This time, it will be for the movie "The deep"

1977 ... an unclassifiable piece, timeless where we find a Donna at the top of her form. Exploding !

1977 ... a decidedly exceptional year 77 with an incredible number of hits of all kinds. Disco Queen !

1978 ... will little Donna continue at the same pace in this new year ...? The answer is: of course yes !

1978 ... on average, it's an intergalactic tube per year. For the year 78, it will be this one. And what is certain is that, unlike the title of the song, it will surely not be his last dance !

1978 ... so hold on, Donna is doing in the luxury recovery. On a Richard Harris title dating from 1968. Whatever the level of the copy, the result is up to the task anyway !

1978 ... whether she sings alone or with two, the result is always up to par. An extraordinary Disco touch that hits the target every time !

1979 ... the year 77 was huge, the year 78 was huge and 79 is going to be ... even bigger. A flood of incredible hits starting with this one. A title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade and, in short, of the 20th century !

1979 ... it goes straight to a mega hit of the same caliber. The whole Dance planet is now under the Summerian influence !

1979 ... the year Summer. The singer is at the height of her possibilities and shines with incredible intensity in the Disco Galaxy

1979 ... the exceptional duo of shock and charm. When 2 non-standard divas come together to make a little beef, the result is necessarily up to par !

1979 ... and 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and 5 transcosmic tubes ! We don't even know anymore because there are so many ...

1980 ... after a decade 70 which will have raised her to the rank of quasi deity, wthat this new decade thus reserves to her. Hum hum...

1980 ... a decade that will prove more complicated to negotiate than expected. Normal, after such an exceptional decade, difficult to compete ...

1981 ... a year in 1981 that will not remain as its best vintage. Few titles and a success in free fall, in short, a year that will not remain on the shelves as its most inspired .....

1982 ... a transition to the 80s with good and not so good. 81 was the worst year. The year 82 will therefore be that of the good. Of course !

1982 ... the luxury takeover of a title from Jon & Vangelis. The copy of the Diva will do better than the original, that is to say !

1982 ... I said 82 would be a very Grand Cru. The proof, once again, with this sumptuous Ultimate Slow. A field hitherto little represented in his discography

1983 ... she signs here her biggest hit of the decade and proves once again that we must still count on her. HU-GE !

1983 ... light and airy. When 2 phenomena of the moment meet, the result is up again

1983 ... new duo of shock and charm on a new Ultimate Slow of very high class. MA-GIC !

1984 ... a nice title, again. Certainly, that will not remain as its best but with certain quality !

1984 ... we are far from the incredible sales scores of the 70s but the quality is always present. It's essential !

1987 ... 2 years, 85 and 86, almost empty. We must therefore wait until the year 87 to see her reconnect with success in part thanks to this title which once again hits the bull's eye

1987 ... new charming duo. On a track that has gone almost unnoticed and which nevertheless works perfectly

1988 ... a title that will only work across the Channel. Sometimes, success or not success cannot be explained ...

1989 ... its mega tube Hi-NRG version. And yes, the beautiful Donna was favored by the tube makers Stock Aitken and Waterman. And inevitably, with them, it's a planetary tidal wave guaranteed !

1989 ... when the SAW are interested in someone, a flood of hits ensues. The proof !

1989 ... this one is not bad either. 20 years after its smashing debut, the Diva is still on top. An incredible career longevity !

1990 ... one of the rare singers of this end of the XXth century to have had titles classified over 3 different decades. A real feat !

1991 ... it adapts itself always and again. She will have known all styles and all sounds. And got top hits in almost every category !

1991 ... she fits perfectly with the times, once again. Timeless and one of a kind !

1994 ... slight air gap of 2 years and back in a certain shape with this perfectly calibrated Dance title which allows her once again to stay in contact with the best

1996 ... a year 1995 composed exclusively of a few luxury remixes of his own hits. We must therefore wait for the year 96 to see her come back in force thanks to this new charming duo

1997 ... she will always surprise us. Here she is once again in great shape on a new high class Dance title

1999...she did it ! Resume in Dance version this monument which is "Con te partiro". You had to dare that one ! And it works pretty well. New planetary hit

1999 ... his last hit of the 90s. One more! And it's not over because the Belle will experience other successes the following decade. Yes Yes !

2000 ... she will have gone through the 60s, then the 70s, then the 80s, then the 90s and here it begins the 2000s. Quite amazing. And how !

2005 ... certainly, the production of titles is in free fall but when we see the quality of what it continues to offer, we can only bow before the performance !

2006 ... it is the same one who started her career in 1969. A truly astounding longevity and one of the few who can claim it !

2008 ... and the adventure continues all the more beautiful. She does better than resist and manages to compete with little kids who are on average 30 years younger than her. Unbelievable !

2008 ... its BIGGEST year of the decade with a plethora of titles and quality on every floor. But where is she going to get all this energy ?

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