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Disco future...

Fresh Color, also known as Frische Farbe, is a Swiss group formed in 1978 in Aarau by Gutze Gautschi. Who will be joined temporarily by a certain Dieter Meier. The same Meier who will sign two titles with the group before leaving to form the enormous Yello group.

Arrived at the beginning of 80 Danny Amsler to replace Meier at a moment's notice, an arrival which coincides with a salutary sound reorientation of the group towards a sound more new-wave than punk.

They will have to wait for 1984 and the release of the singles "Disco nature" and "Get on up" to finally experience some semblance of recognition.

The consecration came a year later in 1985 with the release of the album "Nightdreams", album which would produce the biggest success of all their discography with the single "Disco future".

Unfortunately, a short-lived success because everything that comes out later will go relatively, if not completely, unnoticed.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • No chance 1978

  • Don’t touch me 1982

  • Oh oh…boys 1982

  • Get on up 1984

  • Sing with me tonight 1985

  • Disco future 1985

  • Don‘t shoot me 1985

  • Automatic 1985

  • D.J. track Vol.1 1985

  • Number one 1985

  • Modern 1985

  • It’s so crazy 1985

  • Doo dup 1993


Clips :

1978 ... very punchy beginnings. So punchy that they are almost inaudible. There is still some way to go before hoping to play in the big leagues ...

1982 ... a passage to the 80s which allows them to recover somewhat. The sound is more trendy, more structured. There is better, it's clear

1982 ... there is better but the style remains too dark to hope to please the general public. They will have to work again and again ...

1984 ... even if the success remains limited, the group finally begins to reap the fruits of its labor. Better late than never as they say ...

1985 ... a switch in Italo Disco which sees the group move into a Dance dimension already much more successful. A slow evolution but which will eventually pay off

1985 ... a dynamic was set up and allowed the group to raise its overall level of play. For how long, no one knows ...

1985 ... a year 1985 dense in titles with good and all coming. We will say that this one is rather part of the 2nd category ...

1985 ... a year 1985 which will undoubtedly remain as the group's flagship year. A group which reaches its full maturity and delivers several titles at an obvious qualitative level

1985 ... another drop in speed with a single string title which will not remain as their most successful title. It will be necessary to be satisfied ...

1985 ... this one is a cut above the previous one, that's clear. This group will not remain like the best of its generation but still deserves some congratulations on the overall quality of its performance

1985 ... plethora of titles in this year 1985 with plethora of styles and plethora of sounds. Everyone can therefore quietly make his choice ...

1985 ... an overall quality that is more than satisfactory and which makes this group one of the sure values in its category

1993 ... they will try the adventure 'decade 90', an attempt which unfortunately will not give anything more in the end. Nice try all the same ...


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