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Sigue Sigue Sputnik is an English group formed in 1982 by Tony James, ex-bassist of Generation X.

The group will experience their first, and main success, with the enormous single "Love missile F1-11", a single which was released in 1986, produced by a certain Giorgio Moroder (!) and which was to be a worldwide hit. A year 1986 which also saw the release of the single "21st century boy" which, too, will be popular with the public.

In the process, their first album "Flaunt it" was released, which, despite inglorious reviews, was to achieve significant success. Extremely rare, the album contains publicity between the songs, practice more than doubtful which will not help the fame of the latter.

Added to this is a calamitous promotional tour of the album with few tickets sold and scenes of riots during the concerts which ended up permanently marring the image of the group.

It will take at least two years and especially the arrival of SAW (Stock Aitken & Waterman, "the tube makers") in 1988 to raise the bar. The group finds, as if by chance, the road to success in particular thanks to a title which is precisely called "Success" (it was necessary to dare). The album "Dress for Excess" which was released immediately was also a success.

They will experience their last successes the following year in 1989 with the singles "Dancerama" and "Albinoni Vs Star Wars". Year 1989 which will see the pure and simple dissolution of the group ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Love missile F1-11 1986

  • 21st Century boy 1986

  • Massive retaliation 1986

  • Sex bomb boogie 1986

  • Rocket miss USA 1986

  • Success 1988

  • Hey ! Jane Mansfield (Superstar) 1988

  • Dancerama 1989

  • Ride 'em Carmen 1989

  • Albinoni Vs Star Wars 1989

  • Rio rocks 1989

  • Cyberspace party 1996

  • Like there's no tomorrow 1996

Clips :

1986 ... for a first title, it is a real masterstroke. This group, to say the least wacky, signs here quite simply the biggest success of all its discography. A track that spins at 200 km/h and which makes them fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. HU-GE !

1986 ... a BIG year 1986 with a second top hit in the wake. Admittedly, it will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but it goes just as fast anyway !

1986 ... a group with an indefinable style and which will always remain a UFO in this decade yet rich in various and varied originalities ...

1986 ... a year 1986 that never ends. The group is back to full force on this title, a supersonic speed which unfortunately begins to somewhat marginalize them ...

1986 ... come on, there is still one for this year 1986. A year that unfortunately ends much worse than she started ...

1988 ... year 1987 empty and back in 1988 in a style that has nothing to do with what they offered before. Are they the same, it really makes you wonder. In any case, the change pays off since they land here a new top hit

1988 ... return to their delirious style on a track which once again spins at the speed of light. Crazy style that unfortunately no longer benefits them given the level of success encountered by this title ...

1989 .... as soon as they put aside their delirious musical puffs, as if by chance, the success is back. All the more so when they go into the Intimist, something truly incredible concerning them ...

1989 ... new delirium with this very reworked version, and still the word is weak, of Carmen. But at least it has the merit of being original, that's clear

1989 ... a group totally out of everything with codes and standards that are unlike any of their colleagues. They dare totally improbable mixtures that work almost every time !

1989 ... BIG year 1986 but BIG year 1989 also with plethora of titles once again. And always this inimitable style ...

1996 ... then big air gap of 7 years. A break that does not benefit them because we find them in the same musical style as during the previous decade. Not really inspired on this one the little guys ...

1996 ... a year of return and then goes. The return to this decade of 90 will have been most stealthy and especially unprofitable unfortunately for this group to say the least wacky ...

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