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We know very little about State of the Art except that it is a German group formed in 1986 in Cologne by Frank Schmitz and Stephan Koch.

3 singles are to their credit but of an undeniable quality so it would have been frankly a shame not to talk about them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Love remains a rebel 1987

• Shout and run 1988

• Love will keep us together 1988

Clips :

1987 ... some Made in Germany of 1st class, a group with certain quality and talent and which, however, like many German groups, will have remained in the shadow of an Anglo-Saxon surge which will have left little room for competition during this decade 80

1988 ... it is true that the discography of this group will have been very limited but it is better not much with quality, than plethora without inspiration !

1988 ... which will undoubtedly remain their best achievement, nothing to envy the Anglo-Saxons. A group that really deserved to go further !

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