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Decent town...

The Lambrettas is an English group formed in 1979 in Brighton and originally composed of Jez Bird, Doug Sanders, Mark Ellis and Paul Wincer. Group whose name is actually a reference to the famous brand of Italian scooters.

It is thanks to a series of concerts across England that they are spotted at their beginnings by the label of Elton John 'The Rocket Record Company'. Label which signs them and allows them to release a first Single "Go steady" the year of their formation, Single which will know a nice success of esteem.

It was with their second Single "Poisin Ivy", which was released a year later in 1981, that they would achieve their first success. Notorious success since it will sell more than 250,000 copies, just that.

A first success followed by a second the same year with the title "Another day, another girl", Single with less success but success all the same.

Two titles taken from their first album "Beat boys in the jet age" which was also released in 1980 and which also went down in favor with the public.

Unfortunately, the adventure will be cut short with the release of a second album "Ambience" in 1981 with mixed success to say the least and which will be above all incapable of producing the slightest high-caliber Single.

A poor performance from which the group will not recover, which will end up separating the following year in 1982...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Go steady 1979

  • Poison ivy 1980

  • D-a-a-ance 1980

  • Another day, another girl 1980

  • Good times 1981

  • Anything you want 1981

  • Decent town 1981

  • Somebody to love 1982


Clips :

1979...a first title that flies at the speed of light, a tempo not really recommended to attract large crowds, that's clear...

1980... they are going to slow down the pace a little bit on this title and well they will take it because they are going to get here the biggest success of their - short - career. But at least it's done !

1980...a 1980 that will remain as their best vintage, that's for sure. On the other hand, there will not be 36 Vintages concerning them...

1980... the 3 titles which will be released during this year 1980 will be classified, which is not nothing. On the other hand, it is certain that their style and their sound will not be favored by the public indefinitely...

1981...the proof the following year with an unscrewing in the Charts for the less violent, or even a complete disappearance. Cruel turn of events...

1981 ... it must be said that they positioned themselves on a rather particular musical niche and which ended up marginalizing them inexorably. Too bad because it all started pretty well...

1981...yet they will have tried to reorient themselves in terms of sound but that will not have been enough to put them back on track. Nice try though...

1982... but suddenly this reorientation will not have been successful enough because it will have frightened the basic fans without bringing them back the General Public. Really unfortunate...


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