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Dawn patrol...

Night Ranger is an American band formed in San Francisco in 1979 and originally composed of Jack Blades, Brad Gillis, Kelly Keagy, Jeff Watson and Alan Fitzgerald.

Group which released a first album "Dawn patrol" three years later in 1982 under the Bordwalk Records label. Album which allows them to win a first title classified "Don't tell me you love me" the same year.

Success confirmed and amplified the following year in 1983 with the release of the album "Midnight madness", an album from which was extracted a first hit title "(You can still) Rock in America" ​​the same year.

But it is especially with the following title "Sister Christian", which was released a year later in 1984, that the group will achieve the biggest success of all his discography and at the same time offer himself his main planetary hit.

On the biggest success side, it will be the turn of "7 wishes" to offer the group in 1985 his biggest success on the album side. Album that will produce no less than three very high caliber titles that are "Sentimental street", "Four in the morning (I can't take anymore)" and "Goodbye".

An adventure that continued in 1987 with the release of the album "Big life", an album with certain success but which, paradoxically, struggled to produce the slightest Single of planetary class. Ditto for the album "Man in motion" which will be released a year later in 1988.

Two relative counter-performances which will considerably slow down the growth of the group. With the consequence of a slow but irreversible disappearance from the radar despite the release of several other albums during the 90s.

The group will unexpectedly return to the front of the stage nearly 25 years after its last major success and will produce several albums during the 2010s which will experience significant success.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Don’t tell me you love me 1982

  • Sing me away 1983

  • (You can still) Rock in America 1983

  • Sister Christian 1984

  • When you close your eyes 1984

  • Sentimental street 1985

  • Four in the Morning (I Can't Take Anymore) 1985

  • Goodbye 1985

  • The secret of my success 1987

  • Colour of your smile 1987

  • Hearts away 1987

  • I did it for love 1988

  • Reason to be 1989

  • Don't start thinking (I'm alone tonight) 1989

90s Decade :

  • Mojo 1995

  • Last chance 1995

  • Forever all over again 1997

  • Sunday morning 1997

  • Don't ask me why 1998

  • Soul survivor 1998

2000s Decade :

  • You're gonna hear from me 2007

  • There is life 2007

2010s Decade :

  • Growin' up in California 2011

  • Bye bye baby (Not tonight) 2011

  • High road 2014

  • Don't live here anymore 2014

  • Somehow someway 2017

  • Truth 2017

2020s Decade :

  • Bring it all home to me 2021

  • Breakout 2021


Tracks :

1982...first title and already first success. The group strikes hard from the start and is noticed in a way that is positive to say the least. An ideal start as they say !

1983...the group will prove the following year that this first success was anything but the result of chance. They do it again directly behind and prove in a brilliant way that they will do in the long term, that's for sure...

1983 ... certainly the success is limited for the moment to the North American sphere but that's already it as they say. Let's give them a little more time to move up a gear...

1984...and the top gear they pass it directly with THIS title. They sign here quite simply what will remain as their biggest success on the Singles side and at the same time win a direct ticket for posterity. All on a title full of strength and finesse, a classic among bands that are used to throwing heavy. HU-GE !

1984...a BIG year 1984 which sees them radiate in a masterful way on a planetary level. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to sustain themselves at the highest level...

1985...they managed to stay ahead of the pack, but only on their native soil. Anyway, the adventure continues to be beautiful and that's the main thing...

1985... good work once again and which above all allows them to show that it is not a small drop in the level of success that will slow them down in anything...

1985...three titles in this year 1985 and three beautiful hits which come to reward a group with certain talent. Certainly, in their favorite musical field there may be more talented than them but what they offer is far from deserving, that's clear... adventure that will get a little more complicated later with an empty year in 1986 and a return to 1987 in a form that we will describe as relative. Relative because the drop in the Charts will be violent to say the least...

1987 ... some titles will even pass 'through' including this one. It must be said that it beats hard and that the general public is not necessarily very receptive in this kind of situation...

1987...even if it beats hard, their strength-finesse titles work very well and we're not going to hide our pleasure, that's for sure. It remains to be seen whether this slight air hole is to be taken lightly or not...

1988 ... only one title in this year 1988 and with a mixed success to say the least. We're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them and the group will never again find the level of success reached during the year 1984... end of the decade that saw them really struggle on the Charts side. So there is every reason to worry about the rest of the events : rebound or pure and simple disappearance ? The future will tell us...

1989... when it no longer wants, it no longer wants. Success at half mast or downright non-existent as with this title, nothing goes as they say. Attention danger...

1995... the group will not disappear completely but it will all the same slip away for almost 6 years. So here they are back in the middle of the 90s, hopefully pumped up. On the tempo side in any case they are...

1995...on the other hand, on the success side, it's a dull plain. Their new album, like the Singles it contains, will go unnoticed, to say the least, except among basic fans...

1997... they will save the furniture in extremis with this title but it will be their only 'little' success of the decade. A decade that will not really succeed for them as they say...

1997...yet they are far from being ridiculous, but their 6-year break inevitably marginalized them and their comeback went unnoticed to say the least. The slope will be long, very long to go up suddenly...

1998...they continue to believe in it anyway. It comes from a good feeling but it is clear that it would be a feat pure and simple if they managed to return to the front of the stage during this decade... matter how hard they try, nothing will work. They will therefore have to ask themselves the right questions if they want to come back the following decade because without major changes, it risks being, to say the least, perilous... they are back in this new decade 2000 but the group did not ask the right questions at first sight. They will produce only one album during this decade and no title will manage to make people talk about him more than that... remains to be seen whether it is worth trying the adventure again next decade. Only them can answer the question unfortunately...

2011...this time they asked themselves the right questions at first sight or it was the tastes of the general public that evolved and rather in their direction. Because the group will succeed in returning to the front of the stage in an unexpected way at the very beginning of the 2010 decade... the Singles level we will not see any major upturn on the Charts side but on the albums side, this decade will be generous with the group, to say the least. Starting with this album which will not go unnoticed, far from it...

2014... who could have imagined that the group would know how to bounce back in this way, not many people necessarily. Like what, as always in music, you never have to let go because everything can change overnight. In good or in bad... much as the 2000s will have seen them struggle and miss the little they have undertaken, the 2010s will see them succeed in everything with disconcerting ease. When it wants, it wants...

2017...well, it's clear that their style is still reserved for an informed public. Sensitive ears will find no interest in it, that's obvious...

2017... they in any case take an obvious pleasure in continuing the adventure, it is clear. And who would really blame them...

2021...and here they are in a new decade, unstoppable now, little guys ! You have to remember that they started their career almost 40 years ago and just for that, respect as they say...

2021...especially since with them nothing ever seems to be over. It is therefore easy to imagine that this title will not be the last, far from it...


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