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Dark poets...

And Also The Trees is an English group formed in 1979 at Inkberrow whose particularity is to have particularly poetic song lyrics.

It is by sending a demo to the Cure that the group will make himself known. A benevolence that will allow them to participate in certain promotional shows of the tour of the latter.

They released their first single "Shantell" in 1983, followed in 1984 by the single "The secret sea". Shortly followed by their first album, the name of the group. All produced by one man, namely Lol Tolhurst des Cure.

In 1986 the album "Virus meadow" was released, followed in 1987 by the singles "Shaletown" and "The house of the heart".

Two years later, the album "The Millpond years" was released, followed in 1989 by the album "Farewell to the shade".

A particularly prolific group, the album "Green is the sea" was released in 1992, "The klaxon" in 1993, "Angelfish" in 1996 and finally "Silver soul" in 1998.

And it's not over…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Shantell 1983

  • Wallpaper dying 1983

  • Talk without words 1984

  • The secret sea 1984

  • Secrecy 1984

  • Shaletown 1987

  • Needle street 1987

  • This ship in trouble 1988

  • The house of the heart 1988

  • Lady d’Arbanville 1989

  • Misfortunes 1989


Clips :

1983 ... the beginnings of dark sweetness. A basic trend rather Cold Wave but in fairly moderate shades...for now

1983 ... an inspiration and a style which can disconcert, it is clear. But what also makes the group original

1984 ... the sound evolves and is structured. A necessary and beneficial development to avoid too significant and too lasting marginalization for the group ...

1984 ... an almost wordless story. Certainly, the group will never reach the top of the Charts but what he offers has at least the merit of thinking outside the box ...

1987 ... a title marked by a gentle torpor. Hunt the natural, it gallops as they say. The group sets out again on slightly tortuous paths and hardly accessible for the common man ...

1987 ... a dark side that we find again through this title. A strong musical orientation and that they do not intend to change. Or little ...

1988 ... only the haunted castle and the misty moor are missing so that the picture is perfect. A group that cultivates a particularly surprising darkness to the end ...

1988 ... come on, a little gaiety, what the hell, it was time ! And again, the gaiety in them has all relative gaits ...

1989 ... in homage to Cat Stevens and to the ode which he will write especially to Patti d'Arbenville...his lover. A surprising cover to say the least ...

1989 ... an almost joyful sound as an end gift. Take advantage, with them, it is rather rare thing !


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