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Yes is an English group formed in 1968 by Chris Squire and Jon Anderson.

The first album, named after the group, was released in 1969. It was only a modest success.

In 1970, the album "Time and a word" was released. Success is a little more important.

A year later in 1971 the album "The yes album" was released, an album of obvious quality and which would make a fine journey in the English and American Charts.

The fourth album "Fragile" was released in 1972 and clearly shows the rise of the group. Also in 1972, the fifth album “Close to the edge” was released, a new success.

The album "Tales from Topographic oceans" was released in 1973, followed in 1974 by the album "Relayer" which in turn tamed the heights of English and American Charts.

In 1976, it was the album "Going for the one" which came out and which notably contained the excellent "Wonderous stories".

Two years passed and in 1978 released the album "Tormato" with a very honorable journey.

It was in 1980 that the group experienced a major upheaval with the arrival of two new heavyweights, Geoffrey Downes and Trevor Horn, ex "Buggles".

The same year, the new hit album "Drama" was released.

As paradoxical as it may seem, the group exploded shortly after.

Squire does not intend to stop there and forms a new group "Cinema".

With new members. Horn took the opportunity to become a producer of the group and imposed a sound much more pop than at the time of "Yes" and which sticks much better to the spirit of the times.

As for Anderson, who had left Yes long before the group exploded, he finally agreed to return to this new formation. "Cinema" was forced back into force "Yes" in June 1983.

The resurrected group released the album "90125" in the process. It’s a phenomenal success especially with young people ! Over 6,000,000 copies will be sold !

The enormous "Owner of a lonely heart" contributed enormously to the success of the album and quickly became a worldwide hit.

The flagship Singles “Leave it” and “It can happen” will also be extracted.

In 1987, the album “Big generator” was released, a success that was necessarily more modest as the success of the previous one was extraordinary. Album from which the Singles "Love will find a way", "Rhythm of love" and "Shoot high aim low" will be extracted.

The group will experience one last major success with the album "Union" released in 1991. From which will be extracted the flagship Singles "Lift me up" and "Saving my heart".

Other albums will be released later, but it will be impossible for this legendary group to repeat the feat of 1983, a year that was miraculous in every way.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

60s  Decade :

• Sweetness 1969

70s  Decade :

• Sweat dreams 1970

• I've seen all good pepole : your move 1971

• Roundabout 1972

• And you and I 1972

• Soon 1975

• Wonderous stories 1977

• Don't kill the whale 1978

80s  Decade :

• Into the lens 1980

• Owner of a lonely heart 1983

• Our song 1983

• Leave it 1984

• It can happen 1984

• Changes 1984

• Hold on 1985

• Love will find a way 1987

• Rhythm of love 1987

• Final eyes 1988

90s  Decade :

• Lift me up 1991

• Saving my heart 1991

• The calling 1994

• Open your eyes 1997

Love shine 1997

• Lightning strikes 1999

• Homeworld (The ladder) 1999

2000s  Decade :

• Don't go 2001

2010s  Decade :

• Give love each day 2001

• We can fly 2011

• Sad night at the airfield 2011

• Believe again 2014

• The game 2014

• To ascend 2014

2020s   Decade :

• The ice bridge 2021

• Future memories 2021

• A living island 2021

• Cut from the stars 2023

• All connected 2023

• Circles of time 2023

• Mirror to the sky 2023


Tracks :

1969 ... beginnings to say the least confidential. But what is certain is that this group has talent and that with a little work, and especially inspiration, it should be talked about in the years to come ...

1970 ... it will not be yet for this year but the group is clearly gaining strength. So he still needs a little time to finally find the style and the sound that are going well ...

1971 ... after some unsuccessful attempts, here comes the first major hit. The first and certainly not the last for this small group which will become one of the most famous of the 80s

1972 ... new hit which shows that the dynamics of success are now well established and that the group only has to unwind. Rather auspicious for the continuation of the events ...

1972 ... a BIG year 1972 that sees them pass the landings with obvious ease. Now that they have found their style, everything necessarily becomes more fluid and inspired ...

1975 ... they deliver here a sumptuous title all in delicacy and which however will pass completely under the radars. An under-understandable underperformance ...

1977 ... the typed "Yes" sound and the incredible voice of Anderson really start to work miracles. They are now simply missing THE title that could finally allow them to go to the stars. Unfortunately, it will not be right away ...

1978 ... at a time when the whole planet ignites on the Disco wave, the group clings to its very typical style at the beginning of the 70s. Not sure that this is the best possible sound orientation ...

1980 ... the arrival of the "Buggles" changed everything. A salutary change that will quickly bear fruit and place the group in the best conditions to finally achieve the recognition so hoped for !

1983 ... then arrives THE amazing title which will smash everything in its path ! An interplanetary hit which will undoubtedly remain as their Masterpiece. They simply sign here one of the biggest titles of the decade, a title that finally allows them to get their direct ticket for posterity, just that. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... a continuation which will not be able to match the previous title at the success level as the bar has been raised high. Anyway, the group continues to unroll in an impressive way and does not intend to stop on such a good path

1984 ... a title to say the least strange and above all unclassifiable. The group offers a musical fantasy with this title, a fantasy that will pay in any case when we see the success achieved by the latter !

1984 ... back to serious matters. The group is in full possession of its means and continues to chain top hit on top hit. What more !

1984 ... in Toto mode. A flattering comparison which shows what level has been reached. Simply the top !

1985 ... a year with one title and moreover, which lacks a little inspiration. Difficult to stay permanently in the upper echelons ...

1987 ... little air hole in 1986 and here they are again in great shape in this year 1987. The slight interruption was most profitable and allows the group to return to success with the XXL version. So we avoided the worst ...

1987 ... it beats hard, to say the least. Boost that will not really benefit them unfortunately. Too much power kills power ...

1988 ... it still beats as strong but a little more in finesse. As paradoxical as it may seem ...

1991 ... a new decade that rhymes with sound evolution. They are right to try to adapt to new trends but this will not really succeed for them unfortunately ...

1991 ... a year 1991 which saw the release of several titles but none will have the capacity to reach the highest places of the Charts. A decade 90 which will prove ruthless with the group ...

1994 ... new air hole of 3 years and return of the group in a very relative form. The inspiration is no longer there and the group will do more some figuration than anything else. It smells the end of it all ...

1997 ... the adventure goes on and on but we really wonder why. The group is no more than a shadow than himself and it is more than time that it bows out ...

1997... after, in music everything is always possible so it could well be that the group finds colors afterwards, who knows...

1999 ... a last title which is more anecdote than anything else. 30 years after their beginnings, the group delivers its last stand of honor here and comes to close an adventure which was remarkable and which will have enabled them to inscribe at least 1 major title in the musical legend of this end of the XXth century. Mighty feat !

1999...a last classified title because the adventure is far from over. Especially since on the album side, the group will manage to stay afloat without too much difficulty in the Charts...

2001...the group starts its 5th decade of career here and still does not intend to stop there. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...

2001... what is certain is that the group still has things to offer, it is clear. And not second rate songs...

2011...we will still lose sight of them for almost 10 years, which is not nothing. But here they are again and the least we can say is that they haven't lost any of their talent...

2011...certainly they will never find the level of success reached during the 80s but they certainly have nothing to be ashamed of what they offer today, far from it...

2014...we must also remember that they started in...1969 ! A longevity that is exceptional to say the least for a group that is no less exceptional...

2014...few bands from the 60s will have managed to last so long, which underlines all the more the prowess achieved by this extraordinary band...

2014...we can't say that they try to stick to the latest musical developments of the moment, that's for sure. Hence the lack of success in the Singles charts... 7-year air hole but they come back again. They've decided they'll come back at least once in every decade and they're sticking to it !

2021...and once again what they offer is far from devoid of interest. Certainly always in the same style but we will not remake them again as they say...

2021... so we imagine that this title will surely not be the last. Because with them, we now know, everything is always possible...






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