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Roxette is a Swedish duo formed in 1986 and composed of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, the same Gessle who began his artistic career with the group Gyllene Tider, one of the most famous groups of the mid-1980s in Sweden. Duo who can boast of having sold no less than 75 million records to date around the world, just that !

And it is precisely within the group Gyllene Tider, that Gessle and Fredriksson will cross, the latter playing the choristers on several titles of the group. An artistic meeting which will be accelerated by the label EMI, which strongly encourages them to sing together .

The duo thus rode in 1986 on a first title "Neverending love", single which launches them in a shattering way on the front of the Swedish scene. A first success which allowed them to record in the wake of a first album called "Pearls of passion", album which confirms the rise of the duo since it will sell more than 800,000 copies worldwide.

The year 1987 saw them release 2 singles out of album, "Soul deep" and "It must have been love (Christmas for the broken hearted)", singles which will be a notable success but only in Sweden once again. Ditto for "Dressed" for success ”and“ Listen to your heart ”which came out a year later in 1988.

Two singles from the album "Look sharp !" which was also released in 1988, an album which, unlike the singles released previously, will be talked about internationally and in what way ! It will sell more than 9 million copies worldwide and literally explode the reputation of the duo overnight.

An album from which other singles will be extracted in 1989 and not the least with two top hits that are "Dressed for success" and "Listen to your heart" and 2 mega hits that are "Dangerous" but also, and above all, "The look". Single that will shatter everything in its path and which remains to this day one of the biggest global hits of the late 1980s.

Happiness never comes alone, they will have the incredible chance to participate in the Pretty Woman adventure, now cult film of the year 1990, by signing one of the flagship titles of the soundtrack, namely "It must have been love".

And it is the year 1991 which will definitively consecrate them as one of the major groups of this end of the XXth century with the release of their album "Joyride", flagship album of all their discography on the album side with 11 million copies passed around the world. Album which will also produce the biggest success of all their discography single side with the title of the same name, enormous single which will reach the place of N°1 of Charts in no less than 25 countries !

A planetary tidal wave that does not stop there since the same album will produce a second mega hit with the title "Fading like a flower (Every time you leave)" and three top hits with the titles "The big L.","Spending my time" and "Church of your heart", just that !

An incredible adventure, to say the least, which continued in 1992 with the release of the album "Tourism", an album with less success than its predecessor, but which still reached 6 million copies sold ! In particular thanks to the flagship title “How do you do !", title which will add an additional star to the group on the mega hit side. And to a lesser extent “Queen of Rain” which will achieve impressive sales scores.

The soundtracks of film succeeding them rather well, they put the cover back in 1993 with the title "Almost unreal" present on the soundtrack of the film Super Mario Bros. The film will not be really a success but the single on the contrary will be !

Change of style and tone in 1994 with the release of the album "Crash!" Boom! Bang!", changes that do not destabilize their core fans any more than that, as the album will sell more than 5 million copies. Album carried at arm's length by the mega hit “Sleeping in my car” and by the 3 top hits “Crash! Boom! Bang!","Fireworks" and "Run to you".

A decade of 90 which saw them maintain a remarkable level of excellence since their compilation "Don’t bore us, get to the chorus! Roxette’s greatest hits", released a year later in 1995, went on to sell over 6 million copies. Compilation which will produce 2 unreleased very large caliber that are "June afternoon" but also, and above all, "You don’t understand me".

The second part of the decade will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected because it will take 4 years to see their new album "Have a nice day" come out in 1999. Album which sees the group fall heavily in sales (only 2 millions of copies sold…) while still remaining at levels that many groups would like to reach.

Album that allows them all the same to stay ahead of the pack with titles like "Stars" and "Anyone". But also "Wish I could fly", the flagship title of the album and especially the last top hit of the decade for the group.

A success story that will continue for the next decade, but that's another story.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

  • Neverending love 1986

  • Goodbye to you 1986

  • So far away 1986

  • Soul deep 1987

  • I want you 1987

  • I call your name 1988

  • Chances 1988

  • The look 1989

  • Dressed for success 1989

  • Listen to your heart 1989

  • Dangerous 1989

90s  Decade :

  • It must have been love 1990

  • Joyride 1991

  • Fading like a flower (Every time you leave) 1991

  • The big L. 1991

  • Spending my time 1991

  • Church of your heart 1992

  • How do you do ! 1992

  • Queen of rain 1992

  • Fingertips 93' 1993

  • Almost unreal 1993

  • Sleeping in my car 1994

  • Crash! Boom! Bang! 1994

  • Fireworks 1994

  • Run to you 1994

  • Vulnerable 1995

  • You don’t understand me 1995

  • June afternoon 1996

  • Whish I could fly 1999

  • Anyone 1999

  • Stars 1999

  • Salvation 1999

2000s  Decade :

  • The centre of the heart 2001

  • Real sugar 2001

  • Milk and toast and honey 2001

  • A thing about you 2002

  • Opportunity Nox 2003

  • One wish 2006

  • Reveal 2007

2010s  Decade :

  • She’s got nothing on (But the radio) 2011

  • Speak to me 2011

  • The sweet hello, the sad goodbye 2012

  • It’s possible 2012

  • It just happens 2016

  • Some other summer 2016

  • Why don't you bring me flowers 2016

2020s   Decade :

  • Fading like a flower 2023

  • The loneliest girl in the world 2023


Tracks :

1986 ... the first steps of a completely unknown duo. And who won't stay that way for long...unknown. Oh no !

1986 ... two titles from the first year of existence and above all 2 classified titles. Certainly only in Sweden, but it is' is always better than nothing as they say ...

1986 ... there could have been a 3rd classified title and what a 3rd ! Unfortunately, this title will not even be released as a single. What a mistake !

1987 ... the style is nice, as is the sound. But that is not enough for the moment to stand out from the crowd ...

1987 ... there, they are put there squarely to 4. Unfortunately, the union will not make the force in this precise case. Too bad because the quality was essential, it is clear ...

1988 ... a title which will only be released in a few European countries and which will therefore only have a very limited destiny. Too bad once again ...

1988 ... a title which will only be released in a few European countries and which will therefore only have a very limited destiny. Too bad once again. Here, I have the impression of having already said it ...

1989 ... then THIS title comes ! The title that will change everything and reveal them to the eyes of the whole world in a shattering way. This title becomes their first global mega hit and paves the way for a long, very long, series of mega hits. HU-GE !

1989 ... a title which will be released 1 year earlier but which will only experience very limited success. This time, the level of success encountered will be beyond compare ...

1989 ... a title which will be released 1 year earlier but which will only experience very limited success. This time around, the level of success encountered will be beyond compare. Here, I have the impression of repeating myself ...

1989 ... an absolutely exceptional end of the 1980s for the group with no less than 4 mega hits on the clock. Who would've believed that...?

1990 ... after a year 1989 totally euphoric and especially bloated in terms of titles, the year 1990 will appear poor in title. Only one title on the clock this year, but what a title ! They sign here one of their most emblematic titles and become de facto one of the most popular musical phenomena of the moment. MA-GIC !

1991 ... we thought that the group had reached the maximum of its possibilities on the previous title but it was without counting on this title ! They are going to sign here quite simply the biggest success of all their discography and get their direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... 1989 was an exceptional year for the group. 1991 will be even stronger, yes, yes, it is possible ! The group literally walks on the water, there are no other words ...

1991 ... every title that comes out now literally breaks the ceiling of the Charts. At this stage, nothing and no one is able to compete with them !

1991 ... like the year 1989, the year 1991 will produce no less than 4 mega hits. The group's prize list now has an impressive number of stars, to say the least, and among the most flattering of the moment !

1992 ... we say to ourselves that they cannot continue indefinitely on such a level of excellence. It is very bad to know them. The year 1992 will prove it in a brilliant way !

1992 ... and it just goes on ! The group delivers here one of its biggest titles and once again crushes the competition. It's becoming a mania with them ...

1992 ... here they are giving us a beautiful ballad. A title full of sumptuous finesse which shows that they excel in all areas. But that, to excel, is usual for them !

1993 ... in an ocean of mega hits, this title is going to stand out as they say with a level of success after all limited. It must be said that it will only be released in a few countries ...

1993 ... business picks up impressively with this new title. We suspected that this slight air hole would not last very long ...

1994 ... in the series of top mega hits, here comes the new one. The group is entering its 5th year of total supremacy on the international music scene. Respect as they say !

1994 ... for several years, the minimum union rate with them is 3, even 4 mega hits per year. In your opinion, will this year 1994 deviate from it...?

1994 ... for this year 1994, it will be 3 mega hits and...1 top hit. Would we feel like the beginning of a deceleration on the part of the group ? It could well be ...

1994 ... the 'little' hit of 1994, here it is. After 5 truly hallucinating years for the group, the rest may be a little less favorable to them ...

1995 ... a nice title full of finesse which would have deserved a recognition frankly superior to what it was. The general public will have decided otherwise unfortunately ...

1995 ... a deceleration which is confirmed title after title. After having reigned supreme on the international music scene for a few years, the group is starting to be seriously caught up. And this is only the beginning...

1996 ... the group will have to be content from now on only top hits at least until the end of the decade. So, the beginning of the end or a simple air gap. Good question...

1999 ... a decidedly difficult end of the decade for the group with this 3 years air gap. Air gap that sees them jump from 1996 to 1999. And my faith, given the success achieved by this title, it was worth the wait 3 years ...

1999 ... they will have delivered few Intimiste titles but the few delivered will have been really of superior quality. They will have been good at everything from start to finish !

1999 ... it is clear that 1999 will not be remembered as their best vintage, but they hang on and manage to stay in the leading pack without any problem. It remains to be seen how much longer ...

1999 ... the end of the 90s which saw them deliver an impressive number of very high caliber Intimist titles. We necessarily ask for more !

2001 ... we could have feared the worst for their near future. But it was very bad to know them. They restart the 2000s on the hats of the wheel and add a new XXL star to their charts. One more !

2001 ... the start of the 2000 decade which saw them come back to the top of the race in an impressive way. Never finished this incredible duo which will have deeply marked its time !

2001 ... a BIG year 2001 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. They will have hatched at the end of the 80s, literally exploded during the 90s and consolidated their position during the 2000s. Mighty feat !

2002 ... the adventure continues unabated and the duo do not let themselves be intimidated by competition from young people who are at least 15 years younger and who are just waiting to do battle. Respect as they say !

2003 ... the production of titles on the other hand slows down drastically. Not necessarily a good sign for the rest of the events, that's clear ...

2006 ... new 3 years air hole. When air holes multiply, it is never a good sign. This does not prevent the group from obtaining a new major star to their prize list. We will be happy with it !

2007 ... an excellent title which will pass squarely under the radar. Really, it does not work out all that. A muscular recovery in hand becomes more than necessary ...

2011 ... it will take place, the recovery in hand muscular. But only 4 years later. Anyway, here they are reborn once again from their ashes by aligning a new title of very high caliber. Never finished !

2011 ... an inspiration still at the top, almost 25 years after their debut. Even if this title will only meet a very limited level of success, this is enough for the group to stay afloat against the competition ...

2012 ... we tell ourselves with each new title that it will be the last. Well no, with them, it's no limit ! Until when...?

2012 ... for the moment, there is no question for them to let go of anything, it's clear. Especially when you see what they continue to offer !

2016 ... and here they are again ! Certainly, 4 years after their last title, but one wonders what could stop them ? Nothing, and no one at first sight ...

2016 ... what an incredible career ! They will have passed through the 1980s, then the 1990s, then the 2000s and they are still present during this decade of 2010 !

2016 ... the last single to date. But with them, nothing is ever over. Admittedly, they disappeared from the radars for a few years but who tells us that they will not return the following decade. To be continued ...




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