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Con Funk Shun...

Pebbles, whose real name is Perri McKissack, is an American singer-songwriter who began her artistic career as a backing vocalist with the group Con Funk Shun. Group for which she co-wrote the title "Body lovers".

It was in 1987 that she began to stand on her own feet, when her first single "Girlfriend" was released. Single which will make a real planetary success and really launch his career.

His eponymous debut album followed in the wake and in turn was a hit.

She will experience her greatest success a year later in 1988 with the single "Mercedes boy", taken from the same album. The title is a real hit in the USA but has only limited success across the Channel.

The year 1990 saw the release of the album "Always". Album less successful than the previous one but success nonetheless. And who produced a new top hit with the title “Giving you the benefit”. And to a lesser extent "Love makes things happen" which she performs in a duet with Babyface.

The album "Straight from my heart", which was released in 1995, was not very successful.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Love/hate 1987

  • Girlfriend 1987

  • Mercedes boy 1988

  • Take your time 1988

  • Do me right 1988

  • Giving you the benefit 1990

  • Love makes things happen 1990

  • Backyard 1991

  • Always 1991

  • Are you ready 1995


Clips :

1987 ... a first title to warm up. The trend is given from the start : it will be Dance, Dance, Dance !

1987 ... the pretty Perri rises in power and the result is immediate : the first global mega hit. Let's go for a flood of hits that nothing and nobody will be able to stop !

1988 ... already at the maximum of its possibilities. She signs here what will surely remain as her biggest hit. A rise that will be described as dazzling !

1988 ... the rest will be a little more complicated. After a sensational start to the year, it is difficult to maintain such a level of excellence. And it's not for lack of trying though ...

1988 ... a third title to end the year in style. A groovy style that works perfectly even if it won't be the biggest hit of her career ...

1990 ... a small empty year in 1989. It is the better to return to this new decade and sign a new global mega hit. The little one is never finished !

1990 ... a beautiful year 1990 with a second choice title. And this time, she's playing it in Ultimate Slow, an area she hadn't yet touched on. It was missing !

1991 ... the motivation is intact, as is the will to do well. But that's not enough, unfortunately, the decline is already irreversible ...

1991 ... a new sweet break with this big caliber Ultimate Slow. And my faith, it all works pretty well ...

1995 ... the last title of the decade and the very last hit. And again, little hit. It's time for the adventure to end ...

2008...we thought the case was definitely over and here she is back 13 years later. All on an album where she openly displays her most intimate beliefs... opus that will go unnoticed to say the least and necessarily reserved for an audience of insiders or convinced. Difficult in these conditions to finish No.1 in the Charts...

2008 ... whatever it is, she will not have been unworthy on this one. Unfortunately, opting for this musical genre will not have helped to reverse the trend...


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