Clearly visible invisible limits...

Invisible Limits is a German band formed in 1985 by Thomas Lüdke. Very little news about this group except that they have produced several well-made singles that it would have been a shame to ignore.

As such, we had to devote these few lines to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Love is a kind of mystery 1985

  • Devil dance 1986

  • Friends 1987

  • Love will tear us apart 1988

  • Golden dreams 1989

  • No doubts 1989

  • No tears 1989

  • How to be sure 1990

  • Nathalie 1990

  • Sex symbol 1992

  • Imagine 1993

  • La violencia 1994

Clips :

1985 ... the beginnings are more experimental music than anything else. As often with the Germans at the beginning of the decade. Let's be patient ...

1986 ... evolution is slow but constant. The band is still playing in the Cold Wave category but it won't last ...

1987 ... a timely feminine contribution. Finished the cold and icy side. Even if the group is not likely to ignite the Dancefloor, the sound evolves in the right direction

1988 ... given the fundamentals of the group, no wonder they allow themselves to cover Joy Division. A version, my faith, rather successful !

1989 ... then comes THIS title. What will surely remain as the most successful piece of all their discography. Good job !

1989 ... admittedly, this title does not lack a certain interest but it is clear that the comparison with its predecessor shows an obvious difference of inspiration

1989 ... a truly amazing year with a plethora of titles, some of which were particularly successful. This is one of them, it is indisputable !

1990 ... after a year 1989 which will remain as the best Cru of the group, the rest will prove to be somewhat disappointing. A transition to the 90s that does not necessarily succeed ...

1990 ... with some nice exceptions of this type. An astonishing piece, which mixes strength and finesse, and which shows a face of the group that we had not yet seen before

1992 ... the group tries everything for everything and tries to stick to the new sonic tendencies which are essential at the beginning of the new decade. Unfortunately, it is partly missed ...

1993 ... another luxury cover and not the least. They attack squarely one of the monuments of John Lennon, it was necessary to dare. A surprising result to say the least ...

1994 ... an adventure that ends with a title that spins at the speed of light. Unfortunately, the group somewhat confused speed and haste ...

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