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Claudie loved traveling with John...

Desireless, born Claudie Fritsch, is a French singer who started her artistic career in the field not of song but And this from the age of 20.

She even created the brand “Poivre et Sel” which she launched with her friend Claude Sabbah. Brand that will experience significant success.

Her real start in song dates from 1984, when she crossed paths with Jean-Michel Rivat.

She formed the group 'Air 89' in the process and released a first Single "Cherchez l'Amour Fou".

Followed two years later by "Who can know". The success is only very modest.

It was at the end of 1986 that things suddenly accelerated when she became "Desireless", with an androgyno-cosmico-mind-blowing look.

The first Single offered to him by Jean-Michel Rivat was originally intended for another artist, namely… Michel Delpech !

First Single named… “Voyage, Voyage”. It’s a phenomenal success. In France but also abroad.

She reoffended two years later in 1988 with the Single "John" which too was to experience significant success, particularly in the USSR.

His first album "François" did not come out until 1989. Album from which the Single "Qui sommes nous ?" was taken with modest success but definite quality.

In 1990, the Single "Elle est comme les étoiles" was released, also a modest success.

Important year for the singer, not on the stage, but on the private side with the birth of her daughter Lili.

Birth that will upset the life of the singer, forcing her to step back from the stage and the production of records.

She will return in 1994 with the Singles "Il dort" and "I love you" but the singer is out of fashion and she will never find the same level of success as with the cult "Voyage, voyage".

Desireless will remain in the history of the 80s as one of the most striking figures, as much by its incredible look as by its Dancefloor hits which are essential standards of any successful evening !

To discover or rediscover...


80s Decade :

• Cherchez l'amour fou 1984

• Qui peut savoir 1986

• Star 1986

• Voyage, voyage 1986

• John 1988

• Qui sommes-nous ? 1989

• Dis pourquoi 1989

90s Decade :

• Elle est comme les étoiles 1990

• Il dort 1994

• I love you 1994

2000s Decade :

• Star 2001


Tracks :

1984 ... the completely delusional beginnings of little Claudie. The decor is set...she will not do anything like the others !

1986 ... the year that will change everything. A first title which announces a second...completely amazing !

1986 ... side B of 'Qui peut savoir'. A class B Face that it would have been a shame to hide. The huge suite is just after ...

1986 ... an incredible hit for an artist with an incredible look ! France is literally stunned by this alien who comes out of nowhere ... A title that will remain for eternity as one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s on the French side. MO-NU-MENT !

1988 ... she repeats almost a year later with an equally HUGE title. The sensation has turned into a sure bet !

1989 ... another excellent title which unfortunately will not have the Aura of the previous 2 and which will go somewhat unnoticed ...

1989 ... an undeniable talent which is confirmed piece by piece. A unique style that hits the target every time !

1990 ... the 1980s saw her hatch and then explode. Not sure that the decade of the 90s was as lenient with her as the previous one on the success side. And this despite a quality of title which remains evident ...

1994 ... Claudie has settled down somewhat...after 4 years of willful or forced absence. The style has changed. From all points of view. For good or for bad...

1994 ... we find her in duo mode and in English please. His last notorious title of the decade. All in Intimist mode, register in which we had never seen her before. And my faith, it works !

2001 ... she will even try the adventure of the 2000s. Certainly, she will never again find the incredible level of success that she experienced during the 80s but what she continues to offer is far from being ridiculous, it's clear...


Top Bonus : 2022...a particularly successful orchestral version which de facto shows that this emblematic title of the 80s can be declined in many forms...


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