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Blue Peter is a Canadian band formed in 1978 in Markham by Chris Wardman and Paul Humphrey. Who will be joined quickly by Goeff McOuat and Ron Tomlinson.

The group released a mini album “Test patterns for living” a year later in 1979, a mini album which produced their first big-caliber single with the title “Factory leaving”.

The year 1980 saw the release of their first real album, album called "Radio silence". The album did not go unnoticed but struggled to produce an international class single except for the track "Radio verite" which was the only one to perform well.

It was 1981 that finally saw them achieve some semblance of consecration with the release of the single "Chinese graffiti". The group's flagship single, which will remain as the biggest success of all their discography and from their mini-album "Up to you", a mini-album which will be released a year later in 1982.

They released a last album "Falling" in 1983, which would have very limited success. An album which will nevertheless produce a last major single with the title "Don’t walk past".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Factory leaving 1979

  • Same old place 1979

  • Take me to war 1980

  • Video verite 1980

  • Radio silence 1980

  • Chinese graffiti 1981

  • Don’t walk past 1983

  • All your time 1983

  • Falling 1983


Clips :

1979 ... the first steps. It is clear that there is still a little work to be done before being able to join the big leagues ...

1979 ... the basics are good but the melodic quality is still a bit tight to hope to compete with the competition. Let's give them a little time as they say ...

1980 ... things are moving in the right direction but not yet enough. They will really have to find the little extra that could make all the difference ...

1980 ... it will not yet be with this title that the big takeoff will take place. It will take a little longer than expected, that's clear ...

1980 ... there is quantity in this year 1980 but the quality still leaves something to be desired. It may be for next year ...

1981 ... and indeed, 1981 will be the right year. Admittedly, the group will not reach the top of the Charts but finally obtains the semblance of recognition after which he has been chasing for years. Finally !

1983 ... a group with an ephemeral career to say the least but which will not be ashamed of what he has produced. Nothing exceptional but a good job, quite simply ...

1983 ... a pity that the adventure does not go further because we felt a semblance of positive evolution on the sound side. They really did not miss much to be among the best ...

1983 ... a last title which finally ends the adventure. Like many other Canadian groups, the potential was there but could never be expressed in the big leagues ...


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