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Children of the night...

52nd Street is an English band formed in Manchester in the early 1980s and originally composed of Tony Henry, Derrick Johnson, Desmond Isaacs, Tony Thompson and Jennifer McCloud. They are first noticed by DJ Mike Shaft and will broadcast their demos on a radio station called Piccadilly Radio. A remarkable debut that allows them to be approached by labels such as RCA Records and other Warner Bros. In the end, it was the Factory Records label that allowed them to release their first single "Look into my eyes" in 1982, a single that unfortunately went unnoticed. The group reoriented its sound starting in 1983, introducing more electronic sounds and drum machines. Additions that will bear fruit since the singles "Cool as ice" and "Twice as nice" which came out that year finally allowed them to obtain their first major successes. Success confirmed and amplified a year later in 1984 with the single "Can't afford" but it is without counting on the year 1985, year which will consecrate them definitively thanks to the release of the album "Children of the night ". An album from which will be extracted mainly the enormous single "Tell me (How it feels)", single which remains to this day the biggest success of all their discography. And to a lesser extent "You’re my last chance" which will also be released that year. New album "Something's going on" two years later in 1987, an album with much more modest success than its predecessor and which will struggle to produce any major hit. A semi-failure that will seal the fate of the group, which will not recover and will decline inexorably in the years that will follow. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ..) :

  • Look into my eyes 1982

  • Cool as ice 1983

  • Can’t afford 1984

  • Tell me (How it feels) 1985

  • You’re my last chance 1985

  • Children of the night 1986

  • I can’t let you go 1986

  • Are you receiving me ? 1987

  • I’ll return 1987

  • Say you will 1988


Clips :

1982 ... beginnings to say the least confidential. The potential of the group is obvious but there is still a little work, it's clear ...

1983 ... from the 2nd title, the group is already starting to make people talk about him with a first hit. Admittedly, the level is limited in the United States but it is already that as they say !

1984 ... the group grows in power year after year, title after title. We can imagine that at some point something big will happen ...

1985 ... and THE headline, here it is ! The group obtains here the biggest success of its career on a title all in smoothness which works my faith very well. A well-deserved global success !

1985 ... the BIG year of the group. They deliver here a second title of big caliber which will not know the same level of success as its predecessor but which approaches it more or less. A timely consecration !

1986 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. The year 1985 was exceptional in all respects for the group, the year 1986 was not going to be so favorable unfortunately ...

1986 ... only this title will succeed in this year 1986. In addition, a 'small' hit whose success will be limited exclusively to England. The fall will be as fast as the climb unfortunately ...

1987 ... the year 1987 will not be a game-changer in any way. The decline of the group is too committed for him to be able to reverse the course of time. Hard law of the trade ...

1987 ... they still manage to stand out for the time of a title. This will be the case with this one which sees them come back in favor across the Atlantic. Not sure that this is enough to bring them to the surface permanently ...

1988 ... a last title which comes to close an adventure of which they have nothing to be ashamed of and which will have enabled them to register their names in the musical Pantheon of the 80s. Certainly, they will not remain as one of the flagship groups of the decade but they will at least have had the merit of existing !


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