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Mecano is surely by far the most emblematic Spanish group of the 80s. It all started for them in 1980 when Ana Torroja Fungairino, singer and dancer, decided to form a group with 2 childhood friends, José Maria Andres and Inacio "Nacho" Cano. The formation quickly took the name of Mecano. In 1981, after having contacted several record labels, it was CBS in the end who made them sign and which allowed them to release their 1 Single : "Hoy no me puedo levantar". It's a success. The first album was released in 1982 and was a hit with young people. But also with seniors, something extremely rare. In 1983, it was the single "Barco a venus" that hit the headlines. And Mecano is gradually becoming as famous for the quality of its melodies as for the extravagant side of its clothing. But it was in 1987 that the group literally took off on a planetary level with the Single "Hijo de la luna". And 1988 will be the year of the apotheosis with the now cult Single "Mujer contra mujer" which remains to this day one of the 20 most melodically successful titles of the 80s. 1991 will be too many years, and the group, tired and exhausted, will take a break which will unfortunately prove to be definitive. Until 1998 when he reformed exceptionally to record 8 new songs which will be included in a special compilation. To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

• Que haces tu en el mundo 1979

80s Decade :

• Hoy no me puedo levantar 1981

• Per dido en mi habitation 1981

• Me cole en una fiesta 1982

• Maquillaje 1982

• No me ensenen la leccion 1982

• La fiesta nacional 1983

• The uninvited guest 1983

• El amante de fuego 1983

• Barco a venus 1983

• Japon 1984

• Busco algo barato 1984

• La estacion 1984

• El mapa de tu corazon 1984

• Hawaî Bombay 1985

• Ya viene el sol 1985

• Ay, que pasado 1986

• Me cuesta tanto olvidarte 1986

• Cruz de Navajas 1986

• No es serio este cementerio 1987

• Hijo de la luna 1987

• Laika 1988

• No hay marcha en Nueva York 1988

• Mujer contra Mujer 1988

• Los amantes 1988

• Un ano mas 1988

• La fuerza del destino 1989

• El blues del esclavo 1989

90s Decade :

• El 7 de Septiembre 1991

• Naturaleza muerta 1991

• Tu 1991

• J.C. 1991

• Dalaï Lama 1992

• El fallo positivo 1992

• Una rosa es una rosa 1992

• Stereosexual 1998

• El club de los humildes 1998

• Otro muerto 1998


Tracks :

1979...who would imagine seeing these totally unknown young artists that a few years later they would become one of the most emblematic groups of the end of the 20th century ? Not many people, that's for sure...

1981 ... the beginnings of a small group of unknown young people ... A group, which in a few years, will become one of the most talented of the decade, just that !

1981 ... a sequel which confirms the first trend : there is talent in this little group. And the years to come will vividly prove it !

1982 ... the enormous potential of the group is evident, as with the melodic quality of the compositions. We therefore suspect that at some point great and beautiful things will necessarily happen concerning them ... least in just 2 years the group has already become a real phenomenon in Spain. And the best is yet to come as they say...

1982...all the titles that will be released will not end up at the top of the Charts but that does not prevent them from showing in an obvious way that this group really has something more than the others...

1983 ... a slow but certain evolution. The best is yet to come, that's obvious. You just have to give them a little more time and it should inevitably pay off ...

1983... here they are in English language mode, something extremely rare concerning them. An attempt that will not really be crowned with success...

1983 ... return to Hispanic mode, a mode that allows them to immediately reconnect with success. Even if this title will not remain as their most successful...

1983 ... the title that will change everything and project them overnight to the rank of stars. First in Spain ...

1984 ... little Japanese total contradiction with their unbridled roots. In the form of provocation or simply in the form of a disguised tribute...? They are the only ones who know ...

1984 ... the group matures, the sound is more and more structured. The years go by and the group displays a qualitative level which rises crescendo title after title. Obviously all this bodes well ...

1984 ... some titles will not be classified but frankly deserve to be highlighted. Including this one ...

1984 ... just like this one. Titles taken from a very complete album and of a bluffing quality level. The group is now at the door of the big leagues ...

1985 ... all in softness and finesse. A ballad that calls for many others...and not the least. Because the group will display truly exceptional qualities in the field of the Intimist ... of their rare titles to pass 'through', it happens even to the best. And again, when we say pass 'through', everything is relative...

1986 ... the turning point ! Total change of look and the sound changes again. The Great Mecano is almost operational...

1986 ... yet another title full of finesse which shows the extreme quality of their compositions in the 'emotional' register. We necessarily ask for more !

1986 ... another magnificent ballad which once again highlights a high level inspiration. An incredible succession of titles of very high caliber in a field yet so demanding ...

1987 ... a discography of incredible quality which will stay as one of the richest of the decade. And the adventure is far, far from over ...

1987 ... the beginning of planetary recognition, the real one. The notoriety of the group literally explodes with the arrival of this title, a title once again magnified by an inspiration of which they have the secret. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1988 ... this one will go much more unnoticed but it has at least the merit of showing another facet of the talent of this extraordinary group. A complete group of formidable efficiency in all areas !

1988 ... and here they are in jazzy mode, who would have believed it. They are able to go into all the musical paths that interest them and are far from being ridiculous even in this very particular field, which underlines the performance all the more ...

1988 ... then comes the WONDER ! What will remain as their jewel and one of the most beautiful songs of the end of the twentieth century. The group here reaches near perfection there are no other words. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1988 ... certainly this title will be unable to compete with the previous title as the bar has been set high but it is clear that the years pass without the quality not weakening by one Iota ...

1988...a decade of the 80s which saw them produce an impressive number of titles of more than certain quality. What talent !

1989...a title that comes to close an exceptional decade in all respects for the trio. And icing on the cake, they produce here a clip where appears a very young girl of 15 years old for the least unknown named...Penelope Cruz !

1989... this title will pass somewhat under the radar but like all its counterparts which will have known the same fate it is far from deserving, it is clear...

1991 ... a perfectly mastered change of decade. Another top-notch inspirational title, one more you might say ...

1991 ... and always this incredible talent in the Intimist which makes of this group undoubtedly one of the very best in this field and this for more than 10 years. A real feat !

1991 ... and what to say about it. The change of decade has in no way altered their extreme talent for making songs with extreme lightness and finesse. MA-GIC !

1991 ... an ability to reinvent himself which has always been the strength of this group. Never really trendy, but never out of fashion. The perfect recipe for lasting success !

1992 ... an ode to human rights that hits the mark. They love to convey messages in their songs even if sometimes they seem a little obscure...

1992 ... a title which mixes strength and softness at the same time. A hybrid title which will not remain as the best of the group and which above all shows a change of musical orientation, to say the least surprising ...

1992 ... here they are, finding their Spanish fundamentals and the rhythm that goes with it. It starts from a good feeling but it will inevitably close the door to the International ...

1998 ... we will lose sight of them for nearly 6 years and here they are back in this year 1998 in a form that we will qualify as relative. Not enough in any case to allow them to continue the adventure with the best ...

1998 ... this time, it is indeed the end. An end in apotheosis with - once again - a title of very high quality !

1998 ... come on, it's not quite over. It would have been a shame not to end up with what they know how to do best, that is to say the Intimist title of high quality. What a band !


Top Bonus : 2016...28 years after the Masterpiece revisited in shock but above all charming duo mode !

Top Bonus : 2016...another title brought up to date and not the least. What talent !


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