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Child of a king...

Tramaine Hawkins, real name Tramaine Davis, is an American singer who started her artistic career, while still a student, in a Gospel Choir called The Heavenly. Choir which recorded an album called "I love the Lord" in 1966 and a single called "He’s alright".

We find her in the early 1970s in another group called Honey Cone, which will have its heyday with the single "Want ads" in 1971.

The real solo career began at the end of the 1970s with the release of the album "Tramaine", an album of modest success.

But she will have to wait 4 more years and the year 1983 to finally see her efforts partially rewarded with the release of the album "Determined", an album with certain success but which will be classified only in the Gospel category.

The consecration, the real one, arrives with the album "The search is over", album which will produce the biggest hits of all his discography with titles like "Child of the king", "In the morning time" but also, and above all, with the enormous “Fall down (Spirit of love)” which will remain the best ranked of all.

New album "Freedom" a year later in 1987, album with less success but success all the same. Album that will mainly produce the big caliber single "The rock".

A great adventure that will see the release of other albums and other singles thereafter, but these will only be classified in minor Gospel Charts type.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • He’s allright 1966

  • Fall down (Spirit of love) 1986

  • Child of the king 1986

  • In the morning time 1986

  • The rock 1987

  • Freedom 1987

  • Do not pass me by 1992

  • I found the answer 1995


Clips :

1966 ... the very beginnings. It is clear that we have to start well one day but who would imagine at this stage what awaits her behind. Not many people ...

1986 ... here she is again 20 years later and the metamorphosis is total, to say the least ! Especially when we see the quality of the enormous title Dance that she delivers here, title that will remain as the biggest success of all her discography, just that. HU-GE !

1986 ... the rest will seem a little pale next to the enormous steamroller delivered previously. Can and must do better !

1986 ... luckily, she recovered quickly and found the path to success with obvious ease. The exit from the road was narrowly avoided ...

1987 ... even if she will never reach the top of the Charts, she does not have to be ashamed of what she offers, far from it. Quite simply a good job !

1987 ... it still happens to her to get 'through'. This will be the case with this title which will go somewhat unnoticed ...

1992 ... then she disappears in a surprising way for almost 5 years, at least from the pop scene. It is M.C. Hammer who will bring her up to date. But this will indeed be the last time she will experience major success in the classic Charts ...

1995 ... a continuation of career which will be done primarily around Gospel. A perfectly assumed choice but which will inevitably put an end to his so-called 'general public' career ...


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