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Change your mind...

Gary Numan, real name Gary Webb, is an English singer-songwriter considered to this day as one of the pioneers of electronic music.

It was at the age of 15 that he began his artistic career after his father bought him a Gibson Les Paul guitar which he considered to be a real treasure.

He began by integrating a first group called "Mean Street and the Lasers", before forming his own group "Tubeway Army". Group which contains as another member… his uncle in particular.

Three singles were released between 1978 and 1979 : "That’s too bad", "Bombers" and "Down in the park" but the success is only very relative.

Everything changed suddenly when the 1979 single "Are‘ Friend ’Electric ?", from the album " Replicas". This time around, the test is transformed and the title ends up in pole position in the Charts.

A particularly prolific year 1979 for the artist, who recorded another success and not least with the release, under his own name, of the single "Cars". Single that will be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The album "The pleasure principle" was released immediately and in turn was a hit. Fans flock to the point of creating a community called "Numanoids" ...

The successes followed with the release in 1980 of the album "Telekon" which produced the top hit "We are glass". Followed in 1981 by the album "Dance" which would produce the hit "She's got claws". Album in which some renowned musicians from groups such as Japan, Models and other Queen will have participated, just that…!

The same year, another hit with the single "Love needs no disguise" but the wheel begins to turn for the artist who sees his career start to falter.

The proof with the album "I, Assassin" which came out in 1982 and which knows only a relative success. Ditto for the album "Warriors" which came out in 1983.

The album "Berserker" which came out in 1984 still drives the point home despite the eponymous single which made it a more than honorable journey. The album divided fans, critics poured out, and the album ended up being the least profitable of all the artist's albums.

The album "The fury" which came out in 1985 raised the bar a little, but it was especially his collaboration with Bill Sharpe of Shakatak that allowed him to record another notorious success with the enormous single "Change your mind".

1986 temporarily put him back in the saddle with the release of the album "Strange Charm" from which the 2 flagship singles "This is love" and "I can’t stop" will be extracted.

It will be these last notorious solo successes. He had a last major success in 1988 with the single "No more lies", single which was once again the result of his collaboration with Bill Sharpe.

The release of other albums will not prevent the slow and inevitable decline of this extraordinary artist. Artist who will stay as one of the most emblematic and innovative figures of the 1980s.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Cars 1979

  • We are glass 1980

  • I die : you die 1980

  • She’s got claws 1981

  • Love needs no disguise 1981

  • We take mystery (To bed) 1982

  • Warriors 1983

  • Berserker 1984

  • Change your mind 1985

  • Miracles 1985

  • This is love 1986

  • I can’t stop 1986

  • Radio heart 1987

  • London times 1987

  • No more lies 1988

  • I’m automatic 1989

  • Absolution 1995


Clips :

1979 ... a sensational start that allows the artist to record his first global mega hit. The trend is immediately given : it will be 100 % electronic music !

1980 ... an entry into the 80s in the best possible way. The artist is now on a dynamic that nothing and nobody will be able to stop ...

1980 ... a BIG year that saw him produce mega hit after mega hit. Thanks to a style and a sound so typical of the early 80s across the Channel and which will remain as one of the most beautiful musical showcases of this decade

1981 ... paradoxical as it may seem, what made his success will begin to isolate him somewhat. Because his very particular style will change very little in the years that will follow ...

1981 ... which will surely remain as one of his most emblematic titles. Whose success however will be limited in the Charts. Like what...

1982 ... on the tempo side, the pace picks up a bit. And finally gives a little Dance side to its titles. We are not going to complain, on the contrary !

1983 ... the years go by and there is still that somewhat dark side that made its success in the early 80s. A style that now seems a little outdated ...

1984 ... another of the artist's most emblematic titles. Always so quirky, always so extraordinary ...

1985 ... the associations benefit him, that's clear. He signs here one of his best titles. Dance at will, finally !

1985 ... the style evolves somewhat, that's obvious. Little but enough to produce pieces that will qualify as more affordable for ordinary people ...

1986 ... a comeback in this year 1986 which allows him to find the favor of the public. Like what, we should never despair ...

1986 ... pieces more in tune with the times and which allow him to become trendy again. One day down, one day up ...

1987 ... that's what I said, associations bring him luck. Once again the proof ...

1987 ... we take the same ones and start over. And once again, it works with God's fire !

1988 ... an end of the decade without glares but still in the 'move'. A decidedly astonishing career outside the standards and traditional circuits ...

1989 ... only one title for this year 1989 but which works perfectly. The bias for Dance is now obvious ...

1995 ... a decade of 90 which will see him almost disappear and interspersed with a few rare appearances. Come on, a little last for the road ...


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