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Champagne for everyone !

Evelyn "Champagne" King is an American singer whose particularity, apart from her numerous hits, is to have been spotted by the Philadelphia International Records label ... in the company bathroom. Back in the day as a housekeeper in society, it was singing while cleaning the toilets that she got noticed by Theodore T. Life !

After signing to RCA Records in the end, she released her first album "Smooth talk" in 1977, an album that will bring her her biggest hit across the Atlantic with the flagship single "Shame".

From the same album, "I don’t know if it’s right" will also have a more than honorable journey. Both will be certified Gold.

In 1981 the album "I’m in love" was released, from which the title of the same name was extracted, a new success.

A year later, the album "Get loose" was released which was to give her her biggest hit, this time worldwide, with the enormous "Love come down". Single that will make the whole world dance.

The single "Betcha she don’t love you" was released immediately after. Less successful but success nonetheless.

Other titles will be released later without being able to match the success of the previous ones. She will nevertheless experience a last notorious success with the single "High horse" in 1986.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Shame 1978

  • I don’t know if it’s right 1978

  • Music box 1979

  • Let’s get funky tonight 1980

  • I’m in love 1981

  • If you want my lovin 1981

  • Love come down 1982

  • Betcha she don’t love you 1982

  • Action 1983

  • Shake down 1984

  • Just for the night 1984

  • I’m so romantic 1984

  • Out of control 1985

  • Give me one reason 1985

  • Till midnight 1985

  • Give it up 1985

  • Your personal touch 1985

  • Flirt 1988

  • Hold on to what you've got 1988

  • Kisses don't lie 1988

  • One more time 1996


Clips :

1978 ... the first steps. Debut necessarily Disco considering the time. A first single that turns straight into a global hit. This is called starting phew !

1978 ... a sequel that will be almost as strong. We could not ask for a better launching pad with a career that is starting off under the best auspices ...

1979 ... always so Dance, still in tune with the times. Unfortunately, the year 1979 is not really going to be on the same level as the year 1978 in terms of success in the Charts ...

1980 ... a change of decade straddling 2 major influences. The end of the Disco and the beginning of the Funk. This title is a subtle blend of the 2 ...

1981 ... that's it, the seesaw is done. It's now 100 % Funky and it grooves serious. It's the least we can say !

1981 ... the years pass and musical maturity arrives slowly but surely. So we imagine that the best is yet to come !

1982 ... and the best, here it is ! The title which will make her definitively fit into the musical legend of the 80s. Here she signs quite simply a HUGE hit which will set fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the best Funky sounds of all time. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... a sequel of certain quality but which cannot live up to its predecessor as the bar has been raised ...

1983 ... the following years will be more complicated to manage. A good job certainly but it lacks the stroke of genius of the past years which made all the difference ...

1984 ... in the same vein. An inspiration which lacks depth and which no longer allows to produce exceptional hits ...

1984 ... and this one won't do much better. The singer is only a shadow of herself, a singer among many others. Cruel turnaround ...

1984 ... there, on the other hand, we find the Evelyn of yesteryear on a track much more inspired and which fits her like a glove. Phewww !

1985 ... a new year which will undoubtedly remain one of its best vintages. No mega hit but an overall quality more than certain ...

1985 ... there is better, it is undeniable. As paradoxical as it may seem, this title will be more successful across the Channel than across the Atlantic ...

1985 ... in an ocean of Dance titles, here comes one of his very rare Intimist titles. And my gosh, she is far from being ridiculous in this area. An area that she surely should have explored a little more ...

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. Surprisingly, this title on the other hand will go completely under the radar. Go figure ...

1985 ... his last notorious hit. Notably thanks to this top-notch Funky sound. There will be other hits behind but which will not have the same impact ...

1988 ... a career that drags on and which only produces boat products. Really too bad but when it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1988 ... a last little hit to end a career which will remain as one of the most brilliant of the decade on the women's side. Things have to stop one day as they say ...

1988 ... come on, the adventure is not quite over. She gives us here a high-caliber Intimist title which shows that in this area, she could have really done great things too ...

1996 ... one finds her exceptionally in this decade 90 on a title where she is more figure of chorister than anything else. Anecdotal as they say ...


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