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Cardinal signs...

Modern Eon is an English group formed in Liverpool in 1978 by Alix Plain and Danny Hampson. Who will be joined by Dave Hardbattle, Ged Allen and Joey McKechnie. Group which will bear some time before the strange name of Luglo Slugs.

A first mini album “Pieces” was released in 1979, an album which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed. Just like the single "Euthenics" which was released a year later in 1980.

They will have to wait for the year 1981 and the release of the album "Fiction tales" to finally find favor with the public. In particular thanks to the titles "Child's play" and "Mechanic".

Unfortunately, this success did not last long since the group ended up splitting up the same year, while they were preparing their second album ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Pieces 1979

  • Euthenics 1980

  • Cardinal signs 1981

  • Child’s play 1981

  • Visionary 1981

  • Mechanic 1981

  • Splash ! 1981


Clips :

1979 ... rather encouraging beginnings with a trendy sound. There is still work to be done to access the big leagues, but anything is possible, that's clear ...

1980 ... the transition to the 1980s takes place in the best conditions with an increase in the level of play which allows the future to be considered under the best auspices ...

1981 ... planetary recognition is not yet for now but we are approaching it slowly but surely. Patience, patience ...

1981 ... the title which finally allows them to reach the big league. A deserved recognition for an original group which will not remain as the best of its generation but with certain talent

1981 ... a career which will not be remembered as the longest in history but which produced titles of more than certain quality. It's already that !

1981 ... a year 1981 which mixes mainstream titles and more obscure and therefore more confidential titles. It will rather be part of the second category ...

1981 ... the end of an ephemeral adventure to say the least but which allowed this group to show a certain talent at the musical level, in particular with this last track with the obvious inspiration


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