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Candy girl...

Candy Dulfer is a Dutch saxophonist who started her artistic career by forming her first group "Funky stuff" at the age of 14 !

It's Madonna who reveals her to the general public when she picks her up for her opening act. We are then in 1987.

Then it's Prince who takes her under his wing and integrates her into his band of musicians. She made her first screen appearances in her music video "Partyman" in 1989.

It was in 1989 that she began to stand on her own when the single "Lily was here" was released. Single which will be a hit across the Old Continent.

She released her first album "Saxuality" a year later in 1990. The album was a huge hit. Notably thanks to the single released a year earlier but also with another title that bears the name of the album.

It took three years and 1993 to see her release the album "Sax-a-Go-Go". Album with less success but success nonetheless. Album which will produce the hit of the name of the album and to a lesser extent "Pick up the pieces".

The albums that will be released subsequently will unfortunately not experience the same enthusiasm from the public and will not produce any major hits.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Lily was here 1989

  • Saxuality 1990

  • Heavenly city 1990

  • Sax-a-Go-Go 1993

  • Pick up the pieces 1993

  • I can't make you love me 1993

  • 2 funky 1993

  • Wake me when it’s over 1995

  • I’ll still be up looking to you 1996

  • For the love of you 1997

  • Saxy mood 1997

  • Cookie 1999

  • What does it take ( To win your love for me) 1999

  • What's in your head 2003


Clips :

1989 ... the title of a lifetime. The pretty Candy signs here a 1st HUGE title thanks to Dave Stewart, composer of this soundtrack of the German film 'De Kassière'. She couldn't have asked for a better way to launch her career !

1990 ... the pretty Candy capitalizes on the enormous success of the previous title. Suddenly, new hit in stride and start of the new decade perfectly negotiated

1990 ... of course, quality is still the order of the day, but the Candy phenomenon is already running out of steam. Like a slight lack of inspiration ...

1993 ... nothing for 3 years and a strong comeback in 1993. A winning comeback which allowed her to regain success. Finally !

1993 ... a last notorious success on a luxury cover of the title of 'Average White Band' and dating from 1974. A little easy but effective !

1993 ... in the series of luxury covers, she revisits here Bonnie Raitt's title dating from 1991 and the least we can say is that this instrumental version is to say the least...captivating

1993 ... the year 1993 will unquestionably remain as the BIG year. Not necessarily in terms of success in Charts but above all in terms of production of titles. Anyway, we take !

1995 ... small air hole in 1994 and here we are again the following year. Another title of certain quality but unfortunately the mayonnaise no longer takes ...

1996 ... a sumptuous foray into the Intimist domain. But once again, the beautiful Candy is no longer successful. Pity...

1997 ... and what about this one ! A duo which works perfectly and which will offer a last hit to the artist. But only on his native land ...

1997 ... anyway, the adventure continues for good. And even if this title will pass somewhat under the radar, it is not without quality, far from it ...

1999 ... 10 years later, the magical duo reconstitute himself to try to renew the incredible feat achieved on 'Lily was here'. Unfortunately, it is well tried but the result in the Charts will have nothing to do ...

1999 ... 10 years after a smashing debut on the international scene, the pretty Candy still believes in it and does not intend to stop there. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

2003 ... she will have crossed the decade 80, then the decade 90 and here she begins without complex the decade 2000. But how far will she go, good question. To be continued ...

Top Bonus : 2015...16 minutes of pure pleasure where 2 instruments respond in unison in a masterly way. U-NI-QUE !


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