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Call of the west...

Wall Of Voodoo is an American group formed in 1977 in Los Angeles and originally composed of Stan Ridgway, Marc Moreland, Bruce Moreland, Chas T. Gray and Joe Nanini.

Group which released a first album "Dark continent" four years later in 1981, album which will know a nice success of esteem.

But it is above all the following album, "Call of the west", which will really allow them to make talking about them and especially to achieve in 1982 the biggest success of all their discography on the albums side. But also on the Singles side with the enormous title "Mexican radio", single which will remain as their best ranked of all.

A great adventure that will quickly come to an end with the increasingly unpredictable behavior of certain members of the group whose drug consumption has become excessive. With the consequences of the premature departure of several members...

It is therefore a deeply revamped group that officiates on the new album "Seven days in Sammystown" which was released in 1985. An album that will only find favor in the eyes of Australians and only thanks to the single "Far side of crazy".

New album "Happy planet" in 1987, album which will do even less well than its predecessor but which will still produce the blockbuster Single "Do it again".

A last album "The ugly americans in Australia" will be released in 1989 but will only experience a very limited level of success...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Back in flesh 1981

  • Ring of fire 1982

  • On interstate 15 1982

  • Mexican radio 1983

  • Call of the west 1983

  • There’s nothing on this side 1983

  • Big city 1984

  • Far side of crazy 1985

  • Do it again 1987


Clips :

1981 ... we immediately recognize the typical style made in the USA of the beginning of the 80s. Afterwards, it remains to be seen what they will do with this so typical style ...

1982... for the moment not much because they are rather in the dark and the inaudible. There is still work to be done, that's for sure... major evolution in terms of style and sound. They will still have to ask themselves the right questions and quickly otherwise the adventure risks ending at least prematurely...

1983...and at first glance, they finally asked themselves the right questions in this year 1983. With the result the biggest success of all their discography on the Singles side and a direct ticket for posterity. HU-GE !

1983... except that they will be unable to capitalize on the huge success of the previous title. A huge mess, to say the least incomprehensible...

1984...because they will never be able to get back into the race, at least notoriously. While we thought they had finally passed the level of the big leagues, here they are back in the second division. Hard law of the trade...

1985... they will obtain here and there very small hits in a punctual way but nothing more. The group will never again be able to repeat the feat achieved on "Mexican radio" without anyone really knowing why...

1987...and covering Beach Boys dating from 1968 will not change the situation. It's a good try but nothing works on the return to grace side, no matter how hard they try...

1987...and it is not this overspeed that is likely to fix things. Too bad the band wasted a more than obvious potential that could - and should - have allowed them to do great things...


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