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C’est magnifique...

Santa Esmeralda is a Franco-American group formed in 1977 by Nicolas Skorsky and Jean Manuel de Scarano. The group will know 2 main singers : Leroy Gomez from 1977 to 1978 and Jimmy Goings from 1979 to 1983.

They would have their first - and main success - also in 1977 with the hugely huge Single "Don’t let me be misunderstood". A title originally written in 1964 for Nina Simone, then taken up by the group The Animals a year later in 1965. The 70 version will make a real worldwide hit and remains to this day one of the biggest Dance hits of all the time.

The group will produce other well-made titles that it would have been a shame to ignore.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

  • Don’t let me be misunderstood 1977

  • The house of the rising sun 1977

  • The wages of sin 1978

  • Learning the game 1978

  • Sevilla nights 1978

  • Another cha-cha 1979

80s Decade :

  • Don’t be shy tonight 1980

  • C’est magnifique 1980

  • Hush 1981

  • Things we cannot change 1981

  • You’re my everything 1982


Tracks :

1977...the title of a lifetime, the one that propels you One Shot to the pinnacle of glory and fame. Their revisited version of the Animals title dating from 1965 will prove to be a real masterstroke. The group signs here quite simply one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade and of this end of the 20th century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... a sequel that rhymes with completely delirious luxury cover of the cult title of Animals dating from 1964. Unfortunately, this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, far from it ...

1978 ... on bases still 100 % Hispanic, the group tries to renew the exploit of the first title. And even if the title is not devoid of quality, it is clear that the stroke of genius that made all the difference the first time has still not returned ...

1978 ... a title with multiple influences, most of them having deeply marked the 70s. But mixing them does not necessarily mean guaranteed success ...

1978 ... still so hot, still so rhythmic, but a story without words at the end of the 1970s is an extremely daring bet ...

1979 .... in the same vein. This time in Latin mode. Unfortunately, the change in tone will not change the situation ...

1980 ... the Santa Esmeralda version of the 80s is certainly nice, but the new decade is popo-electronic. And there, force is to note that we are far, very far ...

1981 ... the group finally evolves but it is already too late. The train of change passed and the group did not get on it. Pity...

1981 ... a sound that was really too out of step with the new standards of the time. The decline is irremediable and the end is near ...

1982 ... an adventure that ends in Intimist mode, 360° of the now cult title that made them famous. The big gap as an end ...


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