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Will Downing, real name Wilfred Downing, is an American singer-songwriter who started his artistic career by appearing on albums by artists such as Jennifer Holliday, Kool & the Gang, Billy Ocean and others Regina Belle.

His solo career began in 1987 with a first single called "Free". Single that will go somewhat unnoticed.

It wasn't until a year later in 1988 that things started to pick up steam when his self-titled debut album was released. His luxury cover of John Coltrane's title "A love supreme" will become his first ranked title and kick off his solo career for good.

A new album "Come together as one" was released a year later in 1989. Album which did not really have the same level of success as the previous one. Just like the following “A dream fulfilled” which will hardly do better in 1991.

It was not until 1993 and the album "Love's the place to be" to finally achieve consecration. An album that will sell 235,000 copies in the United States and 300,000 in England, just that. Flagship album whose main singles will be "There's no living without you" in 1993 and "Break up to make up" in 1994 .

Two years later in 1995, the less successful but successful album "Moods" was released. Ditto for the album "Inivitation only" which will be released in 1997.

Other albums will be released later, but none will be able to match the success of the previous ones.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Free 1987

  • A love supreme 1988

  • Sending out an SOS 1988

  • In my dreams 1988

  • Test of time 1989

  • Come together as one 1989

  • Where is the love ? 1989

  • Sometimes I cry 1990

  • I try 1991

  • I go crazy 1991

  • Something going on 1991

  • Don’t make me wait 1991

  • There’s no living without you 1993

  • Break up to make up 1994

  • Just to be with you 1995

  • If she knew 1997

  • Pleasures of the night 1998

Clips :

1987 ... beginnings all in velvet and 100 % glamor. A style that seems to suit him like a glove. To confirm...

1988 ... the tempo accelerates in a rather brutal way on this second title. A big difference with the previous title which may surprise ...

1988 ... there, on the other hand, the rhythm, the style, the inspiration fit perfectly with the times. Good job !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with a plethora of titles and a plethora of style. At least, in terms of tastes, there will be something for everyone !

1989 ... of course, the singer will only very rarely reach the top of the Charts but it is clear that he has his place in the big league. A particularly effective style !

1989 ... a title resolutely oriented Dance to try to keep the artist in the race. Faced with formidable competition, it will be necessary to show more than that to be able to maintain himself during the following decade !

1989 ... a shocking but above all charming duo on a track which works very well. Always a good job but it still lacks the little extra. Pity...

1991 ... a change of decade which sees the artist return to his fundamentals. Is it reasonable to replay the glamor card when the underlying trend at the moment is Ultra Dance. A dangerous choice to say the least ...

1991 ... in the same vein. An obvious bias for the Intimist domain, which positions him in a niche where inspiration must be at its peak. Concerning him, it is very fluctuating ...

1991 ... new amazing pirouette with this very jazzy track. A perfectly orchestrated shift but which necessarily marginalizes him ...

1991 ... a nice title which will pass completely under the radar while it is far from unworthy. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1993 ... finally a slight jump that sees him return to the Dance niche. A healthy return with this title perfectly in line with the standards of the moment. It was time !

1994 ... a stealthy return to Dance, to say the least, because he has returned once again to the 'emotional' register. Why not but as often with him, there is quality but never the exceptional ...

1995 ... halfway between Intimist and Dance. A rather subtle mixture that allows him to give a version of his talent a little different from what we used to see

1997 ... the serial lover is back, once again. Well, it is clear that this title would rather play in the Superior Quality category. Like what, when he wants !

1998 ... come on, one last Intimist title to end the decade. The adventure will continue but without producing any major titles. An artist with certain talent and who could have done great things. But the inspiration of most of the titles will never have allowed him to touch the stars. Pity...

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