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Burning down one side...

Robert Plant is an English singer-songwriter who will experience a brilliant early part of his artistic career as the singer of one of the major groups of the end of the 20th century, namely the enormous Led Zeppelin.

Extremely brilliant artistic career which he wanted to end in 1981 after the disbandment of the group (disbandment following the death of drummer John Bonham a year earlier) with the aim of resuming a teaching career.

But it is Phil Collins who will dissuade him and encourage him to return to the artistic path. A very wise advice which he will follow and which thus allows him to release in 1982 a first solo album "Pictures at eleven". The album is a real success, notably thanks to its flagship track "Burning down one side".

Solo success was confirmed a year later when the album "The principle of moments" was released in 1983. Album which in turn was a hit and produced the enormous single "Big log". And to a lesser extent “In the mood”.

In 1984 opens the parenthesis Honeydrippers, an ephemeral group that he creates with his former Led Zeppelin sidekick Jimmy Page to which is added a third friend, namely Jeff Beck. Group which will be successful mainly with the title "Sea of ​​love".

New solo album "Shaken ‘n' stirred" in 1985, album which will be less successful than the two previous opus and which will only produce a minor hit in 1986 with the title "Little by little".

Back in force in 1988 with the album "Now and zen", album from which will be extracted several hits of great caliber such as "Tall cool one", "Ship of fools" but also, and above all, the enormous "Heaven knows" ".

The transition to the 90s brought the artist another notorious success with the release of the album "Manic nirvana", from which will be extracted the flagship single "Hurting kind (I've got my eyes on you)". Then another success in 1993 with the album "Fate of nations" which will produce the top hit "29 palms". Album which will be the last of the decade but which will not be the last because the artist will return during the 2000s, the 2010s and the 2020s. And in a beautiful way ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Burning down one side 1982

  • Pledge in 1982

  • Big log 1983

  • In the mood 1983

  • Sea of love 1984

  • Rockin’ at midnight 1985

  • Little by little 1986

  • Heaven knows 1988

  • Ship of fools 1988

  • Tall cool one 1988

  • Dance on my own 1988

  • Walking towards paradise 1989

  • Hurting kind (I’ve got my eyes on you) 1990

  • Your ma said you cried I your sleep last night 1990

  • 29 palms 1993

  • Calling to you 1993

  • I believe 1993

  • If I were a Carpenter 1993

  • Morning dew 2002

  • Darkness darkness 2002

  • Song to the siren 2002

  • Shine it all around 2005

  • All the king horses 2005

  • Angel dance 2010

  • You can't buy my love 2010

  • Satan, your kingdom must come down 2010

  • Rainbow 2014

  • Pocketful of golden 2014

  • Bones of saints 2017

  • Bluebirds over the mountain 2017

  • Trouble with my lover 2021

  • Searching for my love 2022


Clips :

1982 ... after having closed the incredible epic Led Zeppelin, the singer starts his solo career in the best possible way with a first major hit. Ideal scenario !

1982 ... what is certain is that alone or with others, he likes it when it beats up. The proof once again with this title which will not know the same level of success as its predecessor but with significant interest, it is clear

1983 ... he likes it when it beats up but he also knows how to do in the Intimist. With the key to this notorious planetary success. A versatility that is found exclusively in the greatest !

1983 ... the style evolves, it's obvious. Less punchy, more finesse. A perfectly successful mutation which allows the artist to reach a record level of success in the Charts. All good !

1984 ... the Honeydrippers parenthesis. The singer allows himself to do in the luxury cover with this revisited version of the title of Phil Philipps dating from 1959. And the least we can say is that the result is up to par !

1985 ... this time, it's a Roy Brown title from 1947 that is brought up to date. When you see what musical world Robert Plant comes from, this 'sixties rock' parenthesis is most astonishing. And why not...?

1986 ... back in solo in this year 1986, a comeback once again crowned with success. A particularly successful solo career that clearly shows the enormous extent of the artist's talent

1988 ... after a slight breeze during the year 1987, the singer returns to us in Olympic form. He simply delivers here one of his most emblematic pieces and hooks a new prestigious star to a prize list which already had a number of them. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... a BIG year 1988 with a plethora of titles and Premium quality on every level. The singer masters his subject perfectly and connects mega hits in a more than impressive way. What talent !

1988 ... and 3 ! 3 top hits for this single year 1988, the singer is at the height of his art. Not sure that he manages to reproduce the feat but for now, he is enjoying it !

1988 ... a year 1988 that never ends. Even if this title will not be able to compete with the 3 previous titles, it is clear that quality is essential once again !

1989 ... a decade that ends in mixed colors. Single title year and overall average success in the Charts. Can and must do better !

1990 ... a new decade 90 which restarted fortunately better than did not end the decade 80. The singer returns to a style much more punchy, and my faith, that succeeds him rather well !

1990 ... a timeless artist who crosses the decades with disconcerting ease. Nothing, and no one, seems able to stop him !

1993 ... especially when we see the level of success achieved by this title. Of course, it took three years to see it happen, but the result is up to expectations !

1993 ... this one will not reach the same level of success but proves that the 3 previous years where he knows nothing about the past was only a parenthesis and that there was therefore no reason to worry

1993 ... an enormous year 1993 in every way with a plethora of hits and Premium quality on every level. Not sure that it will last like this very long ...

1993 ... his last title of the decade. After an absolutely sumptuous 1993, it will simply disappear from radar for almost 10 years. He will attempt a comeback during the 2000s. But that's another story ... he is again in this new decade 2000 with the firm intention of continuing the adventure as far as possible. Who would blame him...

2002...certainly, we are not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind him. But he still has things to offer and especially to sing, that's for sure... he gives us here his version of Tim Buckley's flagship title dating from 1970. His version will not remain as the most famous of all but does not demerit, far from it...

2005...his last notorious Singles hit. On the other hand, on the albums side, not too much to worry about because the fans of the first hour are still there...

2005...this does not prevent him from continuing the adventure in his own way and above all at his own pace. And little whether there is success or not as long as he takes pleasure in what he does...

2010...and another decade to add to a counter that is starting to count a hell of a lot. He will go as far as he can, that's for sure... long as the public continues to follow him for a minimum there is no reason for him to throw in the towel prematurely...

2010...a career longevity that is exceptional to say the least, a longevity that is only found among the most gifted of each generation of which he is necessarily a part... adventure that has lasted nearly 50 years and that is not ready to stop at first sight. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...

2014...he really impresses with this irrepressible desire to continue the adventure as far as possible. It must be said that he has lost none of his talent which inevitably helps...

2017... it is clear that the production of titles is becoming more and more rare, but he is still there in any case. What more to ask...

2017... the only thing we can possibly blame him for is that he didn't try to modernize his style more. We won't remake him again as they say...

2021...he will have gone through the 60s, then the 70s, then the 80s, then the 90s, then the 2000s, then the 2010s and here he is, starting this new 2020s with the firm intention of not never give up again...

2022...and he thinks that at 2 it would surely be better to start this new decade in the best possible way. Why not tell me...


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