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Boulevard of broken dreams...

Not much news about The Beatmasters other than the fact that they are an English band formed in the late 1980s and made up of Amanda Glanfield, Paul Carter and Richard Walmsley.

Group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for the enormous single "Rok da house" released in 1987, single which set fire to all Dancefloor that year.

As such alone, we had to devote this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Rok da house 1987

  • Burn it up 1988

  • Who’s in the house 1989

  • Hey Dj ! I can’t dance (To that music you’re playing) 1989

  • Warm love 1989

  • Dunno what it is about you 1991

  • Boulevard of broken dreams 1991


Clips :

1987 ... undoubtedly one of the founding titles of the House current, a trend which will submerge the whole planet a few years later. The group simply signs here one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and of the end of the twentieth century period. With the key to a direct ticket for posterity. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1988 ... a sequel that will do almost as strong. It is clear that at a rate of one title per year, the group is not likely to have one of the most extensive discographies but better the quality than the quantity as they say !

1989 ... after 2 single-title years, the group let go and will align no less than 3 titles during this year 1989. And that big caliber !

1989 ... new planetary top hit. The group is on an incredible dynamic which sees him linking top hit to top hit. Hope it lasts !

1989 ... the 'little' hit of the year. Even if this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessors, it still allows the group to remain in the Elite. What more...

1991 ... a transition to the 90s completely missed. After 3 totally euphoric years, the group suddenly unscrews in an incomprehensible way. An unscrewing from which he will never recover ...

1991 ... 1991 will be the last year of the group's existence. An adventure to say the least ephemeral but which will have all the same allowed the group to register its name in the legend, the one with a capital L ...


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