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Between two words...

Wire Train is an American group formed in 1983 in San Francisco by Kevin Hunter, Anders Runblad, Federico Gil-Sola and Kurt Herr.

Not much news about them except that they will release several albums, the most interesting of which will be "In a chamber" released in 1984, "Between two words" released in 1986 and "No soul no train" released in 1993.

They will produce several well-made titles that it would have been a shame to ignore.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Chamber of Hellos 1983

  • I’ll do you 1984

  • Like 1984

  • Last perfect thing 1985

  • Skills of summer 1985

  • I will 1985

  • The ocean 1985

  • Diving 1987

  • She comes on 1987

  • Should she cry ? 1990

  • Stone me 1992

  • Crashing back to you 1992


Clips :

1983 ... a sound spanning 2 continents. The American rock side mixed with typical English sounds. A subtle blend that works right away !

1984 ... a band little known in the end but of certain quality. Inspired songs, effective melodies, in short, that's good !

1984 ... the group confirms all its talent piece by piece. Admittedly, their musical niche is not all public and is not likely to ignite the Dancefloor. But there is something for everyone ...

1985 ... an obvious rise from year to year. One of the rare American groups which can boast of being able to compete with the big names of the English New-Wave !

1985 ... a decidedly very rock year 1985, the group evidently returned to its fundamentals. And why not...

1985 ... an astonishing sound where all the best influences of the moment really mix. The group has been able to make the perfect synthesis of the carrier currents on both sides of the Atlantic !

1985 ... a magnificent year 1985 when all the titles released were of a more than certain quality. A group in full possession of its means !

1987 ... blank year in 1986. We therefore find them a year later in 1987 with this song which, once again, holds up well

1987 ... a linear career, certainly far from the top of the Charts but in a dynamic which allows them to play in the big leagues. It's already that !

1990 ... a change of decade which sees the group evolve very little. A sound always almost identical to that of their beginnings. Good or bad. Hum hum...

1992 ... well, this time the difference is obvious. The group has radically changed its tone to catch up with the standards of the moment. Error that they will pay a high price ...

1992 ... that will not prevent them from releasing this last title to the quality more than certain. An adventure that will have lasted nearly 10 years and produced several titles of great caliber. More than flattering results !


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