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Trust, mythical French group of Hard Rock from the 80s, was formed in 1977 by 2 friends, Bernard Bonvoisin dit "Bernie", accompanied by Norbert Krief, dit "Nono". A third laron named Yves Brusco, known as "Vivi", will play an important role in the group. He joined the troupe, first on bass, then on guitar. The first single "Prends pas ton flingue / Paris by night", a single released in January 1978 in total indifference, because EMI, the record company, clearly favors the group Telephone which it also has under contract. But fate doing it right, Trust met AC/DC singer Bon Scott the same year and the "current" passed immediately. This allows TRUST to insure several first parts of the Australian band and to change record companies while going to CBS. It was TRUST's 2nd album "Repression" in 1980 which suddenly made the group a legend thanks to the now legendary title "Antisocial". 3 other albums will be released later with more or less success. 1984 was a year of great tension in the group, which eventually separated in 1985.

A group that will rise from its ashes thereafter and will produce other albums with relative success but of not insignificant quality... What is certain in any case is that TRUST will remain as THE mythical group of French Hard rock. And its leader, "Bernie" Bonvoisin as an artist with multiple hats and multiple talents, notably thanks to the success of his film "Les démons de Jesus" released in 1997. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Prends pas ton flingue 1977

  • L'élite 1979

  • Le matteur 1979

  • Fatalité 1980

  • Antisocial 1980

  • Certitude...Solitude...1981

  • Idéal 1983

  • Serre les poings 1984

  • Petit Papa Noël 1988

  • On lèche, on lâche, on lynche 1996

  • Tout ce qui est bon est mal 1996

  • Drôles de gens 2000

  • Dieu est conservateur 2000

  • Toujours parmi nous 2008

  • Là où je vis 2008

  • Ni Dieu ni maître 2018

  • Déjà servi 2018

  • L'exterminateur 2018

  • Miss Univers 2019

  • Les murs finiront par tomber 2019

  • J'ai cessé de compter 2019

  • Tout ce qui nous sépare 2022

  • Cette prière sur tes lèvres et ce sang sur tes mains 2022

  • Le jour se lévera 2022


Clips :

1977 ... the first steps of a completely unknown group which brings with it a sound that the country does not yet know. A unique sound of its kind that will deeply mark its era !

1979 ... the beginnings of what will soon become a phenomenon. Everything is already there, the style as the sound !

1979 ... now that the foundations have been laid, there is more to do. Case to follow ...

1980 ... the obvious ramp-up. It beats hard and we already have all the ingredients for a suite that promises to be extraordinary !

1980 ... the extraordinary suite, here it is ! THE title which makes them enter the musical legend of the 80s and this in a dazzling way. Surely one of the most shocking and politically incorrect titles of the decade

1981 ... a large-caliber suite that spins at 200 km/h and beats up again !

1983 ... an obvious sound evolution, clearly more commercial oriented. Has the group lost part of its soul ...

1984 ... the beginning of the end ... A Trust that is no more than a shadow of himself ... Fans from the start have been gone for a long time ...

1988 ... go, finally, a trashy version of Little Santa Claus ... But we suspected that with this group, it was impossible that it would be otherwise !


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