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Bambi.... No, Hambi !

Very little news about Hambi and The Dance, except that they are an English group from Liverpool and that they will release a single album called "Heartache" in 1982.

With the flagship singles "Dancing inside you", "Living in a heartache" and "Standing in the rain", all three big caliber singles.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • L’image craqué 1981

  • Too late to fly the flag 1981

  • Dancing inside you 1982

  • Living in a heartache 1982

  • Standing in the rain 1982

  • 25 tears a day 1984

  • I don’t want to lose you 1985


Clips :

1981 ... a first successful title which immediately shows that we are not dealing with amateurs. Let's wait for more ...

1981 ... a trendy sound, an efficient style, in short, a very modern band. Of course, he's not necessarily the best of his generation but there is talent, it's obvious

1982 ... the quality level is taken up a notch in this new year. A group that has gone almost unnoticed and yet deserves recognition much greater than what she was

1982 ... the group continues on an interesting dynamic that could have made him one of the great hopes of his generation. But that was not the case...

1982 ... unquestionably one of their best titles, if not the best. A highly inspired title that works perfectly

1984 ... then nothing in 1983. Back in this year 1984 in an average form. Inspiration, this time, is somewhat lacking ...

1985 ... one of their very rare forays into the Intimist mode. An area that they should have explored a little more often given the obvious quality of the title they deliver. By way of farewell ...


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