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Bad boy loving Charleston...

Den Harrow, whose real name is Stefano Zandri, is an Italian singer whose stage name comes from the Italian word denaro (silver).

Singer who will sign several big hits of the 80s with titles like "Future brain", "Mad desire", "Charleston" and other "Catch the fox".

Most of these hits are from the first two albums "Overpower" and "Day by day".

In truth, Den Harrow would be a mystifying concept cleverly orchestrated by 2 producers, R. Turrati and M. Chieregato. Producers who will admit that in truth, it was not the Den Harrow of the TV shows who sang, but a singer of the shadow by the name of Tom Hooker (Stefano Zandri just playing back).

And it's yet another shadow singer, a certain Anthony James, who will officiate on the album "Lies".

This will not prevent this true-false Den Harrow from claiming in its own name and for decades the authorship of some of the biggest dance hits of the decade.

Nice sleight of hand !

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • A taste of love 1983

  • Mad desire 1984

  • Bad boy 1985

  • Future brain 1985

  • Charleston 1986

  • Catch the fox 1986

  • Dangerous 1987

  • Don’t break my heart 1987

  • Tell me why 1987

  • Energy rain 1987

  • You have a way 1988

  • Born to love 1988

  • Holiday night 1989

90s Decade :

  • You and the sunshine 1993

  • The universe of love 1994

  • I need a lover 1995

  • Go away 1999


Tracks :

1983 ... beginnings bordering on caricature. But we are in the 80s ... a blessed time when anything goes, so no wonder

1984 ... sound side, the level rises slowly but surely. Now it remains to produce THE title that is going well and that will above all make it possible to go from the shade to the light !

1985 ... the title that will change everything ! His first intergalactic hit which elevates him One Shot to the rank of planetary star. Probably one of the biggest dance hits of the decade !

1985 ... he did it again directly with a 2nd mega hit. An amazing year which positions him de facto as one of the big phenomena of the moment !

1986 ... the pass of 3 ! Change of year and ultimate consecration with a title that once again sets fire to all Dancefloor on the planet. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... and 1, and 2 and 3 hits ... No, no, here's a 4th in stride. We can no longer stop the guy !

1987 ... a duo title...from a distance. A title that he interprets but which is also interpreted by Alba Parietti. And in both cases, the result is the same : top hit !

1987 ... we say to ourselves that like most Italo Disco singers, the man is going to make us 1, go 2, even 3 hits max. Well here we have the World Champion of Italo Disco hits. It's an uninterrupted wave of mega hits ...

1987 ... he will have impressed us the animal anyway. All in play back, for the time, nothing surprising. But on so many songs, you still had to do it and play the game to the end !

1987 ... after 3 totally euphoric years, the singer seriously begins to mark time. And yet, he is far from unworthy ...

1988 ... the year of the frank deceleration ... We will only have 2 hits that year ... Loses in cushy power. At least those who write for him ...

1988 ... we feel that the end is approaching, at least the beginning of the end. Another standardized title which lacks inspiration ...

1989 ... the end of the decade which saw him slowly but surely disappear from the radar. Well, on the other hand, the essential is done as they say !

1993 ... his last hit and again, a very small one. In Euro Beat mode, the 90s oblige. And my faith, it still works but it will be the last time ...

1994 ... the adventure will continue for some reason but the singer will do more some figuration than anything else. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... he will have been able to adapt to the latest trends of the moment but without rediscovering the brilliant inspiration that had brought him to the skies 10 years earlier. Such is life...

1999 ... he will grow until the end of the 1990s but unfortunately without succeeding in reversing the trend. Anyway, he can always boast of having left reference titles in the musical history of the 80s of which he can only be proud !


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Discography :

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