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August loves to play with coconuts ...

August Darnell - aka Kid Créole - created the Kid Créole and the Coconuts group at the very beginning of the 80s. The 1st album "Off the Coast" was a big esteem success when it was released, both by the quality of the lyrics and by the mix of musical styles mixing jazz-funk-rock-calypso-latino-zouk-reggae-pop. This is the album "Tropical Gangsters" released in 1982 which will reveal them to the eyes of the world through the singles "Annie I'm not your daddy" and "I'm a wonderul thing baby", 2 titles now cult, particularly dancing and worn by a Creole Kid with a flamboyant look. But it was the album "In praise of Older Women and other crimes" that won the group their biggest success with a triumphant world tour. In 1987 a new album will be released, "I, too, have seen the woods" which will not experience the same enthusiasm. Stopping clearly the meteoric rise of this group which will have marked the 80s, on the one hand by its flamboyant and festive side and on the other by its quirky brown side. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• He's not such a bad guy (After all) 1980

• Maladie d’amour 1980

• Qué pasa 1980

• Going places 1981

• I’m a wonderful thing, babby 1982

• Stool pigeon 1982

• Annie, I’m not your daddy 1982

• Dear Addy 1982

• There's something wrong in paradise 1983

• The lifeboat party 1983

• My male curiosity 1984

• Don’t take my coconuts 1984

• Caroline was a drop-out 1985

• Endicott 1985

• Dancing at the Bains Douche 1987

• Hey mambo 1988

• Pepito 1988

• The sex of it 1990

• I love girls 1990

• My soul intention 1991

• Oh Marie 1991

• I let it slide 1995

• Gorgeous 1995

• What if 1995

• Why didn't I pull out ? 1995

• Forget about love 1997

• Bi-coastal 1997

• Conquest of you 1997

• Man, oh man 2001

• I saw her first 2001

• I wake up screaming (in the Tropics) 2011

• Long live the king 2011

• Dead man talking 2022


Clips :

1980 ... the first steps which we will describe as rather encouraging. The foundations are already solid and suggest a most interesting series ...

1980 ... what is certain is that this group will obviously function on exotic and colorful bases. A bias that will pay ...

1980 ... a first year of existence, particularly provided with titles and more than certain quality. This group is already a safe bet !

1981 ... finished laughing, August takes over the controls on this track which spins at 100 km/h ! And this change will change everything, it is the case to say it !

1982 ... then comes THIS title ! An enormous title that will set fire to all Dancefloor on the planet and literally blow up the notoriety of the group ! One of the biggest Dance hits of 1982. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... the group is now on an incredible dynamic which sees him producing top hit on top hit. Thanks to this truly unique style that makes all the difference compared to the competition !

1982 ... an absolutely incredible year 1982 for the group with this new planetary top hit. A HUGE Dance title that makes them definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s and in what way !

1982 ... a year 1982 which does not end and which sees the group producing a fourth title of very large caliber. And this time in Intimist mode, incredible thing about them. Either way, it works !

1983 ... after such an exceptional year 1982, we suspected that what followed would be a slight notch below. What is the case with this title despite a more than certain quality ...

1983 ... in delirious mode, 'The Love boat' version. And always on a phew tempo. A year 1983 whose titles all spin at the speed of light !

1984 ... the group maintains himself with obvious ease in the front runners thanks to this particularly inspired title which shows, once again, the full extent of their talent !

1985 ... some titles will still pass 'through' including this one. At this stage, nothing to worry about, but it is clear that the group will seriously start to slow down from the mid-1980s...

1984 ... still as wacky, still as colorful. A unique style which is their strength but which will eventually isolate them, inevitably, at one time when at another ...

1985 ... new global top hit 1000 % Afro-Caraibo-Jazzy-Funky. The dynamic did not weaken by an Iota and once again pushed the group to the top of the Charts. HU-GE !

1987...the 'through' titles begin to multiply, which is not necessarily a good sign. We're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind...

1988 ... when 2 references of the moment come together to push the song, we suspect that the result will be up to par. The proof with this boosted title !

1988 ... a nice cover of the Machucambos' flagship title dating from 1961 but which will not bring much more than the original version. Nice try though...

1990...a year 1990 which will be the last to see them appear in the Charts. They will have remained all the same 10 years in the World Elite which is already not bad in itself...

1990 ... this time, it is indeed the end unfortunately. The end of an exceptional adventure which will have seen this totally extraordinary group produce several exceptional hits which are now part of the musical history of the 80s, history with a capital H !

1991...the end in the Charts, of course, but certainly not the end of the adventure. Because they will continue to produce titles of more than certain interest...

1991...and as long as the quality is there, they will inevitably continue to interest the public in one way or another. It is clear that the younger generation will miss it but not the basic fans...

1995... it's more the level of inspiration that will fluctuate more and more over the years. A problem that we inevitably find in all groups with so many years of existence on the clock...

1995...even if the level of inspiration has dropped, it is still enough to keep them afloat without too much difficulty. Isn't that the main thing...

1995...two albums for the price of one in this year 1995. The level of production of the group remains for the less high, which is all the same a sign of good health as they say...

1995...given the rather particular style of the group, one could have imagined that he would have passed through the musical landscape of the 80s like a shooting star. Which was far from the case...

1997... not only do they last but they are far from being ridiculous. The albums of certain quality follow one after the other and who would complain about it honestly...

1997...they have evolved a little on the style side but they still mainly keep the style that made their glory and their fortune. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else...'s all the more surprising when you see them drastically slowing down the tempo. Like what, when they want, they can...

2001...and here they are, proudly starting the 2000s with the best intentions. A decade 2000 which will not really be as favorable to them as the previous one...

2001 ... it must be said that their unique style is no longer really relevant in this new decade. Difficult in these conditions to exist even a little at the top level...

2011...a 2000 decade that will see the release of only one album. We find them 10 years later still faithful to the post. For how long, good question... unclassifiable and above all indefinable title to end the adventure. At least for now, because with them, nothing is ever over, we know that...

2022...and here is the proof. We find them more than 10 years later which proves once again that as long as there is life, there is hope. A maxim they have made their...


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