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The romantic warriors...

Modern Talking is a German group created in 1984 and composed of the duo Thomas Anders / Dieter Bohlen.

Surrealist duo with an incredible look ...

Year 1984 saw the release of the cult Single "You’re my heart, you’re my soul", a flagship Single that allowed itself to be ranked in the top 10 sales of Singles in 35 countries.

It will sell almost 8,000,000 million copies in the end !

But the duo did not stop there and it was the Single "You can win if you want", released a year later in 1985, which in turn was a hit.

The title is part of the album "The 1st album", an album which will be certified platinum in Germany with more than 500,000 copies sold.

Shortly followed by the Single "Cheri, Cheri Lady" which is a hit in the Scandinavian countries and with Germanic influence.

Single from their second album "Let’s talk about love".

Their third album "Ready for romance" was released in 1986 and contained no less than 2 new flagship titles namely "Brother Louie" as well as "Atlantic is calling".

The more successful fourth album "In the middle of nowhere" will produce the Single "Geronimo’s cadillac" and the fifth "Romantic warriors" the Single "Jet airliner".

Surprisingly, the group will experience undeniable planetary success, especially in.. Iran, a country which is however particularly hermetic to all that is Western extravagance !

Always on the paradox side, they will experience very little success in the USA.

The adventure will end in 1987, which will not prevent Dieter Bohlen from rebounding by creating the group "Blue system" which will experience some notable successes with the Singles "Sorry little Sarah", "My bed is too big", " Under my skin ”,“ Love suite ”,“ Laila ”and“ Deja vu ”.

And we will remember this hallucinating haircut that Anders wore for a long time and which will remain the indelible mark of this extraordinary duo but reflecting so well these extraordinary years.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

• You’re my heart, you’re my soul 1984

• You can win if you want 1985

• The night is yours - The night is mine 1985

• Cheri , Cheri lady 1985

• Wild wild water 1985

• Heaven will know 1985

• Brother Louie 1986

• Atlantic is calling 1986

• Just we two (Mona Lisa) 1986

• Doctor for my heart 1986

• Keep love alive 1986

Only love can break my heart 1986

• Geronimo’s cadillac 1986

• Give me peace on earth 1986

• Lonely tears in Chinatown 1986

• Stranded in the middle of nowhere 1986

• Hey you 1986

• Jet airliner 1987

• Don't worry 1987

• Like a hero 1987

•  In 100 years 1987

•  Don't let it get you down 1987

• Who will save the world 1987

• Don't lose my number 1987

90s  Decade :

• I will follow you 1998

• Anything is possible 1998

• You are not alone 1999

• Sexy lover 1999

• I can't give you more 1999

• Don't let me down 1999

• For always and ever 1999

2000s  Decade :

• China in her eyes 2000

• Don't take away my heart 2000

• No face, no name, no number 2000

• Time is on my side 2000

• Win the race 2001

• Last exit to Brooklyn 2001

• Rain in my heart 2001

• Send me a letter from heaven 2001

• Ready for the victory 2002

• Juliet 2002

• When the sky rained fire 2002

• 10 seconds to countdown 2002

• Love to love you 2002

• Mrs. Robota 2002

• TV makes the superstar 2003

• Mystery 2003

• Everydoby needs somebody 2003

Nothing but the truth 2003


Tracks :

1984 ... HUGE and SMASHING beginnings for this surreal duo ! What will remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s, if not of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... the hits machine is now running at full speed. It's a wave of almost uninterrupted hits that will follow ...

1985...normal given the level of productivity that will be theirs in the years to come, there will be quality titles to highlight, that's clear !

1985 ... another hit of very large caliber ! An endless inspiration which makes the group one of the most prolific of the decade and especially with the success rate among the highest of the moment...

1985...a good number of titles will not be officially released as Singles but it would have been a shame to hide them, that's clear...

1985...on average there are 4 to 5 titles that could have been officially released as Singles as the level of inspiration is high on each opus...

1986 ... 4 titles officially released since their beginnings = 4 mega planetary hits. If it's not what we call a huge success, I don't know what it is then !

1986 ... and 1 more ! The group is really one of the biggest phenomena of the moment and nothing, nor nobody, comes to stop this perfectly oiled machine...

1986...certainly the style and sound change very little but everything is remarkably effective, it is clear...

1986...a sound that we immediately recognize and that we will find in other artists as well. And yes, they are not going to be content to produce only for themselves...

1986...not to mention that they will very quickly show an equally impressive versatility of style. Excellent at all tempos, the little guys ! do they manage to produce so many titles of this quality level ? No opus will contain a failed title, a real feat. Among others !

1986 ... then, should we call him Monsieur or Madame ? We no longer know by force. This does not prevent them from aligning tubes on tubes. After, the look is something else ... an ocean of Dance titles, the group offers himself a new Intimist parenthesis. It may not be their biggest commercial success but this title is far from unworthy, that much is clear...

1986 ... a title that will only be released ... in Spain. Astonishing strategy which means that it will only be successful in ... Spain of course ...

1986...between targeted releases and titles not officially released, the general public ultimately only knows a quarter of the titles produced by the group...

1986 ... a title which will not even be classified but which is well worth the detour. An exceptional year 1986 with a plethora of titles and Premium quality on all floors !

1987 ... the last notorious hit of the decade. After years of almost unrivaled planetary supremacy, the group is scuttling in full glory. Well, on the other hand, they leave like Princes but this is called disintegration in mid flight ...

1987 ... a title that will only be released ... in Spain. Astonishing strategy which means that it will only be successful in ... Spain of course. Here, I have the impression to have already said that ...

1987...of course they will leave the very high level but that absolutely does not mean that the rest of the adventure will no longer have any interest, far from it !

1987 ... everything goes off in a lollipop, despite an obvious quality of inspiration. But we can feel that nothing is going well and that the end is near. Very close... least that's what we imagine given the dizzying fall in the Charts. But it's a bad idea to know them, that's for sure... least nothing remarkable will happen during the end of the 80s. Nothing remarkable but good work whatever...

1987...we will be largely satisfied with it in any case. And as in music nothing is ever finished it could be that they manage to get back into the race at one point or another... will take them a little over 10 years to get there but they will get there in any case. Certainly with few new titles but still...

1998...the main thing is that they continue to believe in it because there is real talent in this duo and it would have been a shame if they stopped there...

1999...a real resurrection ! We thought they were definitely lost and here they are indeed back, a return that is surprising to say the least and above all unexpected. But a winning return in any case !

1999 ... in Euro Beat mode, 90s oblige. And my faith, it passes ! An adaptation necessary to hope to exist in this decade where everything is going very fast. And the adventure is not entirely over, see you next decade ...

1999...a very favorable end to the 90s and which above all saw them rise from their ashes in a way that was impressive to say the least...

1999...they will have been able to reinvent themselves perfectly and that's what will make all the difference and above all allow them this winning comeback...

1999...we therefore hope that the move to the next decade will be an excellent way for them to show that in music nothing is ever finished...

2000...certainly the start of the 2000s will be a little less favorable for them but nothing to worry about at this stage in any case...

2000...they are hanging on as much as possible and doing better than resisting, it is clear. We definitely want more... would have been a real shame if we didn't find them in this new decade of 2000 because it's clear that they still have something under their belt...

2000...when we see what they continue to produce at a qualitative level it is clear that these two still have a little way to go together...

2001 ... and it's still not over. An exceptional longevity and above all a desire not to let anything go, even in front of young kids who are 20 years younger than them, even 30 !

2001...they manage perfectly to stick to each new musical era and adapt to it in the best possible way. The strength of the Great...

2001...certainly they will never again find the level of success reached during the 80s but what they continue to offer in any case is far from being devoid of interest, that's for sure ! any case they are still present in the Singles and albums Charts which can only encourage them to continue the adventure a little further...

2002 ... come on, this time, we are getting closer to the end. Anyway, they are far from being ridiculous and are still holding on to a competition that only asks to see them disappear outright ...

2002...even though we're getting closer, it's clear that it's not quite over yet. They will fight until the end and it doesn't matter whether there is success or not... any case we're going to enjoy it until the end too. We know that they are not going to last for decades yet but there is still a little hope for them...

2002...and we know full well that with them everything is always possible and that a return to grace always remains possible whatever happens...

2002...they are doing everything necessary to keep this possible. Afterwards it is destiny which always chooses in the end how things should end...

2002...not to mention that they really continue to impress with the quality of the titles they continue to deliver. Let's hope it lasts...

2003 ... as an aftertaste of "Baby one more time" ... In Britney mode to finish in style ! Well done guys for your entire career because such longevity, only the best of your generation will have done the same !

2003...come on, it's not quite over. They still have a few last titles to offer and we're not going to deprive ourselves of that, that's for sure...

2003...they will still have managed to last 20 years at this level of quality and that's not nothing, that's for sure. Unquestionably one of the most effective duos of this modern era...

2003...even if most of the titles presented here in the name of the 2000 decade will not be officially released, they definitely deserve to be talked about...

2003...this time the adventure will not go any further, at least in duo mode. But what a beautiful adventure it was and no one can ever take that away from them...


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