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Colonel Abrams (real name of the artist) was an American singer who started his artistic career with a group called "Heavy Impact". Before participating in the groups "94 East" (of which a certain Prince will be part) and "Surprise Package".

He will experience his first solo success in 1984 with the title "Music is the answer". First on the Old Continent and only later on its own land.

In 1985 released his first self-titled album. The album is a success and will notably produce the hit singles "Trapped" and "I'm not gonna let you".

Two years later in 1987 the album "You and me equal us" was released, from which the main track "How soon we forget" was extracted. Which will be his last major success.

An artist who will leave us on November 24, 2016 due to deficiencies linked to diabetes, among others.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Music is the answer 1984

  • The truth 1985

  • Trapped 1985

  • I’m not gonna let you 1986

  • Speculation 1986

  • How soon we forget 1987

  • Nameless 1987

  • Bad timing 1990

  • You don’t know (Somebody tell me) 1991

  • When somebody loves somebody 1992

  • Never be another one 1992

  • So confused 1994


Clips :

1984 ... the trend is given from the start : it will be Dance, Dance, Dance. And my faith, for a first title, it rocks a lot

1985 ... the confirmation of a certain talent. In particular thanks to this particularly worked sound, typical of the USA...

1985 ... of course, we are far from the top of the Charts but the titles are of quality, it is clear. It would be enough just to shift to the higher gear to reach nirvana ...

1986 ... and it grooves, and it rocks more beautifully. An artist who will not have remained as one of the best known of the decade but who could boast of having played in the big leagues ...

1986 ... and what about that one. One of the best Dance sound, capable of literally setting a Dancefloor on fire. Good job !

1987 ... the years go by quietly but surely. Each year its particular Dance sound. A constant rise in quality ...

1987 ... a sweet break in an ocean of Dance titles. A little rest doesn't hurt, on the contrary !

1990 ... after 3 empty years, the singer is back in great shape to start this new decade which promises to be the most interesting for him ...

1991 ... finally a first major hit. Despite the obvious quality of his previous titles, the artist had never achieved consecration. It is now done !

1992 ... the musical style that was missing from his repertoire. A first foray into the Intimist which works my faith very well and which ensures him a new success

1992 ... the hits follow each other in an impressive fashion. A decade of 90 which particularly succeeds for him and which finally gives him the status of Grand which he lacked

1994 ... his last notorious hit. A first-rate career for an artist who would have deserved even greater recognition than it was


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