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At the origin of the genesis...

Peter Gabriel is an English singer-songwriter who can boast of having won no less than 3 Brit Awards, 6 Grammy Awards and 13 MTV Video Music Awards in his career.

The real starting point of his brilliant career came in 1967 when he founded the group "Genesis". Flagship group of the 70s/80s which will be noticed as much by the quality of its songs, as by the extraordinary stage presence of Gabriel. In particular through his extravagant costumes and his comical posturing.

The adventure with Genesis would last 8 years until 1975, when the singer left the group to begin a solo career.

His first single "Solsbury Hill" came out in 1977 and speaks precisely of this separation. Single taken from his eponymous debut album, which from its release was a success. The artist’s solo career is well and truly underway.

The second album - eponymous - (the first 4 will all bear the album name "Peter Gabriel") was released in 1978 but its dark and experimental side found little echo in the public and did not produce any hits.

Business resumed with the eponymous third album released in 1980. Album in which a certain… Phil Collins participates on the drums part. A participation that will give a unique sound and the result of which will give two huge hits with "Games without frontiers" and the humanist anthem "Byko".

In 1982 released the fourth eponymous album, with a particularly innovative sound. Album whose main hit will be "Shock the monkey" and whose clip will be looped on MTV.

It took four years and the year 1986 to see the release of the album "So", album of planetary consecration. Album which will produce no less than 3 mega hits which are "Sledgehammer", "Big time" and the magnificent "Don’t give up" in duet with Kate Bush.

"Sledgehammer" will also be served by a clip with revolutionary special effects for the time in terms of clip and will be a landmark in the field.

Other albums will be released later, but this gifted artist will not be able to repeat the previous exploits. He had a last notable success in 1992 with the title “Digging in the dirt”.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Solsburry hill 1977

  • Games without frontiers 1980

  • Biko 1980

  • Shock the monkey 1982

  • Sledgehammer 1986

  • Don’t give up 1986

  • Big time 1986

  • In your eyes 1986

  • Red rain 1987

  • Shaking the tree 1989

  • Digging in the dirt 1992

  • Steam 1992

  • Blood of eden 1993

  • Lovetown 1994


Clips :

1977 ... the enormous Genesis parenthesis being closed, little Peter finally decides to stand on his own feet. Result of the races : a first global solo mega hit. We couldn't ask for a better start !

1980 ... a change of decade which takes place beyond the artist's expectations. This title is even stronger than its predecessor. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1980 ... a sequel in the form of a humanist ode. A title that will remain as one of his most emblematic

1982 ... new global hit, mainly across the Atlantic. No one is a prophet in his own country...

1986 ... the title of the consecration ! An AMAZING hit that made him definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s as an artist in his own right. All carried by a legendary clip. Double Jackpot !

1986 ... a decidedly exceptional year which continues with this magical duo. When 2 of the biggest names of the moment give each other the answer and deliver one of the most beautiful songs of the decade ...

1986 ... the year of all records, the year of 4 mega hits. Just that ! The artist's inspiration is at the height of its possibilities and produces cascading wow titles

1986 ... a year that ended in apotheosis with this magnificent title full of finesse. A title apart which contrasts somewhat with its predecessors, it does not hurt ...

1987 ... yet another title which will essentially find its hour of glory across the Atlantic. Little Peter is really struggling to find a place in the sun on his native land ...

1989 ... new duo, this time mainly male. A new duo of big names that produces a very nice and colorful title ...

1992 ... another amazing year which saw him produce 2 world class hits. A new change of decade that is quite successful for him, to say the least ! All carried by completely crazy clip. But that is also his trademark since always ...

1992 ... his biggest hit of the decade. And who will remain as one of his best. Once again on an absolutely amazing clip. We will rarely have done as crazy as him ... But he was already like that at the time of Genesis so nothing serious ...

1993 ... new duo of shock - and especially charming - with one of the most prominent female artists of the moment. A title that will not be able to equal 'Don't give up' but which more or less approaches it ...

1994 ... his last notorious hit. All against the backdrop of a humanist parable. The end point of one of the most incredible and creative careers of the end of the 20th century


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