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At the origin of Hip Hop...

Grandmaster Flash, whose real name is Joseph Saddler, is an American Dj, originally from the island of Barbados and considered to this day as one of the pioneers of mixing but also of the Hip-Hop current.

It was in the mid-1970s that things started to pick up steam when he surrounded himself with a few pals such as Keith Wiggins, Melvin Glover and Nathaniel Glover. Thus was born the group Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five.

The term Hip-Hop would originally come from Keith Wiggins, who would have been inspired by the cadenced step that is imposed on the military and which is based on the rhythm "hip, hop, hip, hop".

The group released their first single "Superrappin" in 1979, a single that will go completely unnoticed. This is not the case with "Freedom", a title released a year later in 1980 and which finally brings a semblance of recognition to the group.

But it was especially the release in 1981 of the single "The adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the wheels of steel" that will seriously speed things up. A track that lasts 7 minutes in which Saddler will mix in an incredible way for the time the tracks Rapture of the group Blondie, Another One bites the dust of Queen, Good times of Chic, Apache of the group Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band and their own Freedom. A title which is officially recognized as being the first on which an artist will use the revolutionary technique of scratching.

The real consecration came a year later in 1982 when the huge single "The Message" was released. The title, with particularly violent lyrics concerning the problems of violence, drugs and poverty in the United States, will make a real planetary success and set fire to all Dancefloor around the world. By itself exploding the notoriety of the group.

Paradoxical as it may sound, the success is such that the different members of the group will clash over the next step in the story and the group will simply explode in the process.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Superrappin 1979

  • Freedom 1980

  • The birthday party 1980

  • The adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the wheels of steel 1981

  • It’s nasty (Genius of love) 1981

  • The message 1982

  • Scorpio 1982

  • New York New York 1983


Clips :

1979 ... the style is already revolutionary for the time, we are only at the end of 70. But at this stage, nobody realizes yet that this group is already far ahead of its time ...

1980 ... the group refines its style and is ideally positioned for a sequel that promises to be absolutely grandiose. Still a little work in perspective but the basics are there and to pulse, it will pulse !

1980 ... the group imposes a unique style of its kind, never seen before and which will become a real reference in the years to come !

1981 ... the rise in power is linear and we are slowly but surely approaching the consecration. Patience, patience ...

1981 ... a totally unbridled inventiveness that is truly one of a kind. The result of an unprecedented musical proliferation during this blessed decade

1982 ... then THIS title comes ! A real musical monument that offers them One Shot a direct ticket to posterity and makes this title one of the most striking titles of the end of the 20th century, just that. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1982 ... admittedly, they will never be able to equal the previous jewel again but whatever the case, they can always boast of having left in history one of its most emblematic pieces

1983 ... a little last for the road. The end of an incredible adventure which has allowed this totally atypical group to produce one of the most incredible titles of this decade


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